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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Boy Draws

I visited my son Chase's class last week to celebrate his birthday because his real birthday is the 4th of July.  I had a chat with his teacher, she said HE DRAWS ALL THE TIME.  Yes I know, he does at home too.  The problem is he is drawing during all of his lessons, lunch, free time and TESTS.  It has become a PROBLEM and he may not even pass 2nd grade.  Yes, you see Chase is only 7 going on 8.  If he were in his teens this would not be such a worry, but he is supposed to be going into 3rd grade.

His grandfather is a former middle school Math teacher/farmer/artist, himself and ME, Chase's mother, as most of you already know LOVES TO PAINT.  In fact he comes from generations of a very artistic family.  I even have one of the landscape paintings his great Grand mother did with house paint.

The other night I came across some pictures Chase had drawn.  They are very hard to photograph because the pictures are in pencil.

When Chase was young he started out by asking me to draw him an Army guy.  After a few times he started drawing them himself.  As he got older I showed him that it is the details that take an ordinary picture and make it even better.  Anyone can draw a plane, but when you add all the details, as you can see below, the plane becomes more than JUST a plane.

The first thing Chase says while watching a good movie, "I can't wait to draw that."  He loves anything Army.  I find these kinds of drawings all over the house, to the extent that I even have to throw some away.  The drawings that are special go up in my son's room.  I save the ones I like best and put them on the fridge.  I am running out of room. 

So now I have to worry for 3 more weeks, is my son going to make it to 3rd grade or is he going to have to stay behind and repeat 2nd grade because is lacking in his Math skills.  If he is bored in school now I can not even imagine if he has to repeat.  Don't even bother mentioning homeschooling, he is TOO much like me and he would not live to get to 3rd grade, end of subject.

As we sit here he is upstairs supposed to be getting ready for school, but we both KNOW what he really is doing.  THE BOY can drive me crazy!


  1. Thank you for your prayers, encouragement, and support.
    You are a blessing!

  2. I don't know if it will make you feel any better but my daughter will be in the 11th grade (although I still need to see those lovely words promoted). We have struggled since Kindergarten. Things should get better especially the older he gets!

  3. He has a wonderful talent! I know it's makes it tough at school but I think it's wonderful that he has found a love of art so early!

  4. What amazing drawings! Really incredible for his age. It is a shame he can't do what he loves and draw all day instead of going to boring ol' school!

  5. Chase's drawings are excellent! The one of the plane with all the deatails clearly shows he has talent. Not only because of the details which an 7 year old does not usually percieve but because the drawing has depth. I guess no one taught this yet but somehow, by intuition perhaps, he manages to convey this feeling.

    I love the little army guy in this drawing too.

    Congrats to you and your son and a happy belated birthday to him too!

  6. One should always spell check before posting! That's "a" 7 year old of course. I had written 8, then changed it and forgot to delete the n. So many explanations!
    Anyhoo, have a great week!

  7. OMG Alaina

    His drawings are like my eldest day I was making his bed when he was about 7 also, and under the mattress I found about 10 3x3 squares of paper with army sequences on them....they were so cute I stole them and hid them away. Years later I pulled them out of the "forever" box and he was incredulous, "you took them???" "I could never figure out where they went"

    Well first off I did not realize they can hold children back any longer....I was held back in grade 3 it was devastating!!!!!!!!!!!

    I guess you are going to have to pin him to the kitchen table and sit with him until he completes the work in front of you....

    Have you told him what will happen?

    Maybe the teacher can give you his work over the summer so he can catch sorry.

  8. How could they possibly hold him back with an artistic talent.He should pass to the 3rd grade. I agree with Cranbery Cottage. He can be assigned to do extra work over the summer. Maybe he can draw some math problems. A big hug to you and Chase. Don't sweat it!

  9. HOw did I miss this post???
    I love the drawings, that reminds me so much of Jack. too bad you won't let me bring up homeschooling. ;-P


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