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Friday, June 11, 2010

The Shed That Thinks It's a Cottage

Did you like my teaser on White Wednesday?
Come on in, I think you will be pleasantly surprised.

Ok, so I have made you wait long enough.

First I think we need to see a before picture just to show how far this shed has really come.

This shed was packed to the rafters. 
 You could not move around without having to move something out of your way first. 

Well look at the SHED NOW!

I am sharing Cottage 5 for Show and Tell Friday with Cindy at My Romantic Home and Remodelaholic for Friday Remodelaholic's Anonymous Meeting.

I must tell you I had the most fun working on this shed because there were no boundaries or limits as to what I could do with it.  Once Mr. M. saw that I was not going to give up and just simply put a bed in it. 

Ah, that is SO not how I do things at all. 

It started simply with painting the walls white. 



Then the ceilings went white.



  The floor, what to do about the floor?
 Melissa from Cranberry Cottage, thank you, suggested STRIPES. 

YES, that is the answer.
  If you have seen previous posts of mine you will notice I like both diamonds and stripes.
 BUT a shed you are thinking, and to that I say WHY NOT? 

Once the company goes home and the Fall Season starts to settle in, yes it goes back to being a shed, but for the WHOLE summer it gets to be beautiful,

Are you ready for the reveal?

Don't you just love them!  I even let my kids help me paint a few stripes.  I painted a border of the green all around the whole room 16x20.  Then I painted stripes of dark blue, burgundy, tan, green and light blue on the inside to make it look like a rug. 
Oh, and NO tape used here, painted all by hand baby!

Doesn't that bed look just SO comfy?  My kids tested it and thumbs up Mom.
  We are going to have movie night here this week. 
Dinner too!

I brought the iron crib down from the third floor for extra seating.

Remember, I brought the shop home.

I had to put it somewhere, now Clara Louise's pretties look right at home.

 I provided plenty of storage for the pretties. 

My shop collectibles seem to fit right in.

I sure can cram a lot into such a tiny space right? 

What weekend can I sign you up for?  

Remember breakfast is included and the pool is only a few steps away.

Thank you for stopping by, I hope you enjoyed your visit to my shed.
Now I think I may just go take a nap on that bed.
 I sure deserve it.


  1. Oh my goodness girl. You can fit a lot in a small space. "YOU done good!!" It looks awesome. A space any of us girls out here would love to visit I am sure. Wonderful pics and post. Thanks for sharing!!! Enjoyed visiting here. FUN!

  2. Wow! That is an exquisite and inviting space, wish I could come stay!!


  3. Okay see you in a couple days, lol! I wish!! What a lovely, lovely place! Enjoy!

  4. Alaina
    You have outdone yourself!
    The stripes are awesome if I do say myself and thanks for the little plug...

    I told you this is what magazines are made of.
    The bed is adorable with all those quilts...everything you have done with passion and it shows.

    But I must say one simple thing stood out to simple really but I like what you did with the extra rail of the gave me an idea for my own...You are awsome and your ambition and energy put alot of us to shame!!! Bravo well done....don't I sound biased now!

  5. Alaina, I'm speechless, just wonderful and honey, you rock!!!

  6. Oh how darling that is! I'll take every weekend in July please:)

    I love everything about it!!!

  7. Ohhh, this is so cute! I would love to reserve your "shed" for a weekend. Thank you for sharing such a wonderful "make-over".

  8. That is just incredible. The design is fantastic. That's a heck of a lot of work to put in, but clearly worth it. Very cool.

  9. its PERFECT...there is NO way you will ever let that gorgeous cottage go back to a shed!!!! I love your idea of movie night!

  10. Oh my gosh, fabulous! You did such a great job on that transformation!


  11. Seriously cute cottage, I could live there. Love the crib/couch idea. Rhianna/Wyldestone Cottage

  12. Makes me wish I had a shed so I could turn it into a cottage! How much fun will your cottage be this summer!


  13. I love it, I want it!! I have a picture in my mind for one in my backyard. I just need the money for it...I've got plenty of stuff to go in it. ENJOY!!

  14. I was so busy showing Cow all that you've accomplished that I didn't leave you a comment...I was too busy commenting to him. I can't decide if I like the bed bed the best or if I like the little daybed that you are using by the table. But those two touched are my FAVORITE...that and all the floral touches!

  15. That is such an incredible transformation! WOW!!
    I'm sure your visitors will be delighted:o)

  16. Sign me up! I have an open weekend in August. I will bring some books that don't have pictures and enjoy the transformation.

    Darlin', don't ever feel bad about not commenting. I have been lurking on yours too. Ever since the move, I have been in a sort of decorating funk, but every time I see your posts, it gets a bit less funky.

    Hopefully, sometime soon, I will get my mojo back and get busy with Murphy Grace Home. Then we will have more in common again.

  17. Fabulous Dahlin! You are so talented. Makes me wish I had a shed to fix up! Great blog!

  18. Wow! what a fab make over! I love the stripey painted floor! Yay for you! thanks for sharing!!

  19. The little cottage has taken on a beautiful look...I've love a day there to relax..well maybe a week.
    It's so it

  20. I am amazed at this fabulous transformation! *swoon* Yes, sign me up for ANY week!!! *wink* In fact, can I just move in permanently? *smiles* You have made excellent use of limited space, it is dreamy, inviting and so comfortable looking. We have a small Cottage that needs a transformation, presently being used for storage... this really has inspired me.

    Dawn... The Bohemian

  21. I saw the link on the left for this & had to check it out for inspiration! It is spectacular!! I am going to take a "before" shot of our basement today. I WILL get that basement done in 2011, even if it means everything else temporarily goes out the window while I do it! I can just imagine how thrilled you were at the transformation! :)

  22. Are you taking reservations??? I absolutely LOVE it!!!

  23. I absolutely love that! That is the cutest thing! That's such a great idea!

  24. i just love what you've done with this cute shed!

  25. How delightful! So many pretties to ponder. But I especially like the crib setee! ;)

    Liz @ The Brambleberry Cottage


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