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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Bunny in The Garden

I have been working in the gardens for the last week.  First weeding and then mulch/composting.  My body feels like I have been doing a workout with Bob from the Biggest Looser. 
This year my roses seem to be at their best and they are not all in bloom and this is only the first bloom, they will get cut back and do this all summer.  How lucky am I! 

Last night after dinner I decided to go and try to finish the truck load of mulch.  My oldest boy was out with his net, this time it was A BUNNY HUNT.  I found a baby bunny a week ago has been living in my flower gardens and I thought aw how cute, that was until I found he nipped the heads off all my annuals I WAS GOING TO PLANT.


The hunt was on. 
My son was crawling in and around, behind the bushes flushing the bunny out and his brother and sister were yelling "there he is."  That poor little bunny was running from bed to bed trying to get away.  I was laughing so hard, it was nice entertainment while I worked.  I am hoping the bunny might decide to hop on back to the forest and get his nibble on back there FAR from my flowers.

Today while the kids are still sleeping and Mr. M. is on an ambulance call (volunteer Fireman), I snuck out and took a few pictures of the arbor.

We are going to a neighbor Fire hall to show our support and enjoy a Father's Day breakfast.  Followed by a morning of watching a Civil War Reenactment at the Town Museum.  My oldest son the drawer has been looking forward to this event all year.

 The rest of our day is for swimming, playing, eating and ADULT conversation at our great niece's
1st birthday party. 
 Let's just hope it doesn't rain. 

 Today I rest. 
  The traveling gardener starts all over again on Monday.

When the gardens are done, then.

I tackle my next painting project.

It should be an interesting project to paint that arbor.

  I like a good challenge. 

I hope you have a great day too!


  1. Yowza the arbor looks gorgeous.

    Sad about the bunny being a nuisance. They are so adorable, but so destructive.

  2. oh, your arbours are gorgeous!!! what a fabulous patio!!!

  3. The columns keeping up your arbor are fantastic...where did you get them? Your yard is too die for and if I was walking past I would stand and drool for a long time. WOW GIRL.

  4. Those are the exact kind of baby bunnies my cats have been bringing home...except mine aren't so cute anymore, one was in half, one had its ribs being nawed on and the last had it's eyeball popping out as it's brain was being eaten....I like your image way better than the ones stuck in my mind right now. I am now going to go back to your image and mediatate on it while quoting Beatrix Potter.

  5. Nice chandelier hanging too.

  6. I am just in love with your house and gardens. You are one lucky girl! And a girl that works hard to make her home so beautiful!

  7. Ooh La la, your home is amzingly beautiful-I love it, a bunny in the garden- so fitting, we had a bunny once (not a nice bunny it would hiss at us-then bit my husband)no more bunny..

    You have great style- Just became a follower of yours- and p.s. thanks for stopping by my blog-

  8. Alaina,

    We have a family of rabbits residing under the workshop and my studio who attend nightly 'all you can eat' buffets in my flower beds! Your gardens are exquisite. Your home breathtaking. Thank you for sharing.

    Your Friend,

  9. Poor little bunny lol !! We have so many here!
    I love your home so much and i so wish i lived near you so i could get a tour and just take it all in!
    It is so beautiful. You have wonderful taste!

    That photo i posted was in December when we moved out was on our drive across Canada...Oosoyoos British Columbia

  10. Can you see my jealousy oozing through the monitor? I *love* the arbor!

  11. I am sooooo jealous of that arbor!!! WOW, I would LOVE an arbor like that. Give the details on that structure!


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