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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Coffee Chat

Come and join me for coffee and a chat with a friend.  I would offer you some nonuts but my kids licked all the chocolate frosting off them, sorry.

I have seen interviews on other blogs and I think it is a fun way to get to know other blog women whose blogs we enjoy.

This coffee chat was so fun I may just make it a monthly post. So please let me introduce you to Anna from Wit Behind The Ears. If you have never read this blog, then you are in for a treat, let me give you some advice though, go to the bathroom first.  I would hate for anyone to have an accident.

*You HAVE to read through the comments area of each post you read, that is where the FUNNY continues and sometimes it is the best part.*

Yes, Anna or Blossom as I refer to her, is hilarious, not the tell a joke kind but the DID I READ THAT RIGHT kind.  I discovered Anna through a linking party about mantels check out # 64 Tool Shed.  This particular mantel post made Anna a star on an HGTV blog, Put empty pots in your fireplace for springtime flair. She has the POTS THAT ROCK.

So without further addu HERE'S......ANNA:

 BLOG OF A CRAZY WHITE GIRLISH WOMAN.  Those are her words not mine.


 1.Why do you call your husband MAMA COW? I read the post to Dawn from Cottage State of Mind about the cow name but why Mama Cow? I did reread it and you did say: To be continued.

A: Did you? Oh you little fox, you! Thought you'd sneak this in as an interview question, did ya? Well!?!
The truth is, Mama Cow, was Mama Cow long before I met and married him, so I can't be credited with the nick. I guess I can't keep teasing you all forever with it though, can I?

To be continued, huh... I said that? Well, then I guess it will be...

2.Why did you decide to home school your children?
A. Wow! You really go for the jugular don't ya? I had this kid who loved school, loved his teachers, loved his Friends, had no problems at all. But would come home everyday from 1st grade in tears. He'd hold up his little fist full of papers and say..."CONNECT THE DOTS??? CONNECT THE DOTS??? This baby work is KILLING me!!!" I think he gets his flair for the dramatics from his father. This little 6 year old would cover up the answer key when he worked on homework. Instead of studying his sight words he'd curl up with a Hank the Cow Dog book. One thing he often asked was why he had to solve problems someone already knew the answer to. He wanted what he called 'real problems'. At the time, public school just wasn't a good fit for him. What we realize now is what a good fit schooling at home is for our family. My kids, while 8 years apart, are dear Friends. The sheer amount of hours that Cow puts in, keeps him away from home a lot. But when it sets in and rains for days, we can hop in the car and get out of town, or stay in our pajamas all day and snuggle up on the couch. If Bean was in school, we wouldn't get near the time together as a family that we do. And Bean relishes the time he gets to spend with his dad on the farm. From experience, I would say that there is nothing more you could do for a young boy's self esteem, than put him to work doing a job that you would hire a man for. Just like Bean craved "real work" when he was a kid... he wants his work to matter on the farm. I've seen a lot of hired hands come and go over the years, that didn't have the heart for service that that kid does. I have to think he gets that heart from being in close daily contact with a family that models such behavior.
3.Do you write out each of your blog ideas before you put them on your blog?
A. Oh, no, no no no! Most of my post come out right here as I type. Sometimes I sit down with a thought that I want to write about with no idea where it is going to end up. I'm sure you could never tell it though;) I do put pen to paper daily, those notes rarely make it to the blog. There is always something fresh to talk about or a new idea to know, like why our society feels so passionately against rear-end cracks showing when other fleshy anatomy cracks make the cover of Vogue.

4.Where do you get your blog ideas from?
 A. Life. I've never written a post that wasn't inspired by something going on in my life at the time. Life is pretty funny you know?
 This is how I think her brain works. And I think this is just the ideas. It is all there!

These look good don't they, great actually, but surprisingly they appeared in one of Anna's posts, about having a terrible day, a sucky day, WHEN IT SUCKS TO BE YOU.  Anna did not just talk about that sucky day, she made all of those who read, laugh and want to share about their own sucky days. 


5. Does your family think you are a funny person?
A. Hmm, that is tough. I have a very serious side to me. I can be really quiet, almost pensive. I think that most 'funny' people probably have a serious side to them. You can't be truly funny if you aren't observing things around you. You can't observe things around you if you're cracking one liners all the time. I approach every relationship and situation I come across, as 1st... what can I learn from this person, and then 2nd, what can I do for them...I'm not very talented and I'm the most scattered person you could ever usually all I can do for someone is make them giggle a little. Once my boy and i were talking about how tough I can be, I pleaded, "Well there are SOME good things about me, right?"

The first thing out of his mouth was ..."You're funny!"

And probably one of the most precious memories of my marriage happened soon after we were married...I can't remember what caused him to chase me through the house and scoop me up, but he squeezed my back to his chest and put his face in my hair and said...I've never been able to laugh with anyone like this before.


6. Do you think anyone will copy your Pots in the Fireplace idea?
A. I think people already have;)

Here are some COPIERS we found on All The Girls Chit Chat:  Ode to BlossomWhat A Crock a and Uses for a Shovel.

7. Atmos, do I need to say more?
A.  Atmos to us at Wit is like the Wuzzup commercials of ten years ago. And should be said with the same enthusiasm and ignorance as to when it is getting old...Atmos will NEVER get old.

8.What made you start commenting to your followers in your comments?  Believe me, some of the funniest moments happen in Anna's comments.
A. Ignorance! I didn't know any better. Now I can't imagine not responding to them in that way. The comment section of my blog is WHY I blog.

9. Why did you start blogging?
A. I'm pretty isolated from my family out here. I've gone years without seeing my brothers and sisters. I started it as an interactive scrapbook for my family...turns out staying on task isn't a gift of mine. I'm pretty lousy at it...unless of course, you want an image of Micheal Bolton's hiney crack or a discussion (with pictures!) about typewriter contortionist wearing bikinis in your interactive family scrapbook? If so, you should study me closely, with stuff like that, I'm genius.

Sometimes you need a cute kitten so you won't choke on your drink!

Because you never know what you might see!

Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words. More about this story here.

10. How often do you check your stat counter?

A. During the Atmos ordeal of twenty ten, it was a daily occurrence. Now I try to check it every couple of weeks at least.

11. What do you think was your funniest post so far?
A. I'd have to look through them to see, but if I post archive would contain like 3 way can I reread any of that or the delete button will get angry at me for picking on him all the time. And Why? Usually the things I think are funniest aren't funny to anyone else. I've made great Friends with the regulars at Wit and many times I'll throw in a little joke that only one or two readers will get. That is TOTALLY worth it to me...I'm not after big laughs, or even credit for being mildly occasionally funny. WHICH I AM!

Even though it is REALLY hard to narrow down to my MOST favorite, House Keeping, House Keeping is high on the list.

12. How is the remodel going, any new pictures?
A. Alaina! I thought you were going to interview me, not take me on a guilt trip. FINE! I promise you that by the third week in June I will have more pictures up...oh wait that wasn't guilt...that was motivation ....HALLELUJAH!

Don't let her fool you, Anna has been doing an amazing job fixing up her home.  Here is Anna's kitchen, and she says she needs OUR advice.

13. Have you found a girlfriend for Uncle Jeremy?
A. Uncle Jeremy is hopeless and you can tell him I said so. He'll die alone, or more than likely in my guest bedroom watching John Wayne flicks. However, if you are single female, living in the Colorado Springs area, who fancies things no no...I can't say that here.

14. How is that lovely wall paper in the stairway?
A. Oh, it is holding up well, thanks for asking. Thanks so much.

15. What is your next remodel job?
A. We have recently spruced up our little den, and razed a barn in the process. All that is missing are a few finishing touches and he'll be ready for the catwalk.

16. Where did you put the wood on the ceiling? Are you ready to show a picture?
 A. See above, not ready yet...but tickled with the results.

17. Do you have a least favorite post?
A. You know, I deleted a couple early on that I wish everyday that I hadn't. I actually SAVED A LIFE of a little girl who was locked in a gun safe at bass pro shop, experienced major road rage in a parking lot, brought the wrong debit card ( Cow's farm card balance is not to be trusted) had to call Cow from the side of a highway in Oklahoma because my car stopped going, he was in the middle of digging a water well and was so covered in mud I made him show me ID before unlocking my car door. Oh and he wasn't thrilled about the little mini vacation he got treated to because his wife needed a tow, Did I mention that I forgot my daughters pacifier and didn't realize it until we were stranded on the side of that highway? Did I mention Bean is a worrier and this was all just a bit too much for him? And that was just the beginning of the two part post that covered one weekend. I left out visits to the ER and a few other highlights...because by George I'm feeling a little asthmatic. I would get panicky and not be able to breath whenever I thought about that time, so I deleted them. Now I would love to have them, I could use a good laugh.

18. Back in June of 09 you were posting about two new followers, do you know all of your new followers as well?
A. NO! And I hate that! If people don't leave comments I really don't have a way to get to know them, the followers box jams up when I try to get to someone through it. A comment link will take me right to them though. If someone is taking the time to get to know me, then I most definitely want to take the time to get to know them. Or maybe even just introduce them to other bloggers I think they would enjoy.

19. Do you have any favorite Comments from you/and or your followers?
A. Yes!

Since Anna did not elaborate or give an example let me pick some words from her blog and let her tell the story.
We've started a community blog for all of you goofball followers/commenter's of mine. It's a blogspot blog and all you have to do is send me an email to let me know that you are interested in being able to post on the blog. We have room for 100 posters and of course anyone can comment as usual.

The blog won't be limited to Wit followers/commenter's so if you have a buddy that would like to join in, bring 'em along. Like I for 100, so I don't think you have to rush into anything...stop by and see what you think.

This blog was inspired by you and it is for you.

We will be setting up a few ground rules, mostly just so this stays light and fun, but right now we are just wingin it...your suggestions are greatly appreciated!

Why the new blog? So glad I asked for you...

You guys are hilarious! And totally limited with your interactions as a group in my comment can't use crazy fonts or show pictures or share links...we'll be able to keep up what we have here and kick it up a notch there....

20. What do you do more of Face book or Blog?
A. Blog baby, blog!

21. Have you thought of some Unique Link parties you have wanted to start?
A. Yeah, its become an illness really. Almost like changing's something I think about constantly.

22. Are you happy with your blog?
A. Smitten WIT it. My Friends here are precious to me. I don't really have much to offer anyone. I'm not an expert on anything, I don't educate you or inspire you or motivate you, but when i read a comment about how someone got a belly laugh on me at the end of a miserable day. Or how someone thought they were the only one who tries to get away with doing dishes twice a year, that affirms what I'm doing.

23. Is blogging now what you thought it would be when you started?
A. is so much more. 1st) my blog focuses on the even when I have a nutty day of yelling at my kid to get dressed before realizing that I myself am not dressed, I can laugh about it instead of beating myself up over it, and hopefully this blog will serve as a record for when my kid is older that I really did love him even though I had a funny way of showing it most of the time! 2ndly) I never expected to make these kind of friendships. It amazes me when you take away outward appearances, social status, income, race, location, age, sex, and some of the other factors that us humans use to determine who can be our Friend and who doesn't make the quickly you make Friends with people who are so like you at the very core of your being.

24. Advice for someone who is thinking of blogging but does not know if they can do it?
A.  Aye yai yai! Do I ever! First I would say don't start a blog expecting to become famous or rich or have tons of followers and tons of comments from the moment you first hit publish. You'll be disappointed and give up in your first 3 months. In fact, if I were in that position I would be happy for the time to develop a writing style and find a direction before having people read everything I wrote. Next I would say keep it positive. And the beginning especially, you should spend more time reading others blogs and leaving comments than you should checking to see if anybody is reading and commenting on yours. I have loads more of unwanted advice if anybody is curious...they can shoot me an email. Like my friend Stupid Butt says..."And as long as you're here, I'll try to make it fun, but if you aren't completely satisfied, I offer a full money-back guarantee."

25. What does Mama Cow think of your blogging?
A. In the beginning he wanted to see more than the back of my head when he was home. these days I'm thinking my noggin is growing on him...but I'll have to ask.

Ice Ice baby!

 I hope you enjoyed my interview with Anna, I know I definately had fun rereading all of Anna's posts. Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.


  1. AHHHH! You didn't edit me down at ALL! Oh people, I am so sorry that I ran on like that.

    Thank you Alaina for taking the time to do this, it really was fun and I look forward to the future posts on other bloggers you enjoy!

  2. No way, I wanted your answers, not a yes or no. I love it just the way it is.

  3. Wonderful interview. Thank you for sharing more of Anna with us. I especially liked her answers to questions 2 and 23.

    - Deborah

  4. She's never going to let that 'crack' thing go is she? lol. Nice interview.

  5. No, no I'm not TS!

    So Alaina...Nice pics you showed of me there. nice. One was taken minutes after eyeball surgery while I was high on life, no... pain killers... and the other, well the other just made my eyeballs spontaneously undo their vision correction so they no longer had to look at it. UGH!

    I thought what happened on Chick Chat...stayed on Chick Chat!!!

  6. Wonderful interview! :) Cotton B sure is a fun girl to get to know! Oh, Anna- how sweet that memory that melted you.

  7. Anna, what a great memory...ahhhh. He is a keeper. Nice idea Alaina, just don't do it to me....

  8. Great interview Alania, and great answers Blossom.

    Three things stood out to me

    1. Blossom, I love why you homeschool. Your answer was so specific to your kids and family life instead of the usual.

    2. I almost cried when she melted. Why is it being chased through the house is so romantic?

    3. She's never gonna spill the beans about the origin of "Mama Cow" so it must have been given to him by some other farmer. We'll be left to wonder just what happend to saddle such a manly man with such a feminine nick-name.

    You know, the truth would probably be less dramatic than what our imaginations can come up with!

  9. i liked the interview and i totally want to visit this funny lady's blog. however, i'm not finding current links that take me to her blog. just to older pages that seem to be out of date. let me go try again and see if i'm just doing something wrong.


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