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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Rainy Day

Today is going to be a rainy day ALL day long, so I thought I would share some of my sunshine from yesterday.  My roses are almost all in bloom and I will probably be showing you many pictures of them in the next few weeks because they are about to loose their petals. 

Yes TS they do smell as beautiful as they look.  They are iceberg roses and they are the epitome of a cabbage rose to me.

I just love walking through the pathways looking at the beautiful flowers and I wish that I could take a picture of what I really see.  The shrub roses are just full of tiny pink roses, the picture does not do it justice, I tried.

I was telling Berries about how beautiful my foxgloves are and I love how they reseed all over the garden.  Oh how I wish I could give you all my little baby seedlings from last year and spread the joy.

I have exciting news, but I can not tell yet and it is eating me up not to share,
but I must wait until the i's are dotted and the t's are crossed. 

When that happens you will be the first to know. 
 So happy rainy day to you all.

I found Blossom, she was just out playing in the sprinkler with her kids.


  1. Love those roses! I can't wait for your good news to be revealed.

  2. I'm excited about the news too! Oh and the roses, just lovely. Does my eyeballs good to see them.

  3. The roses are wonderful, and my foxgloves are like yours, big a lush this year!!! And the deer dont eat them! do you have deer issues?

  4. You have such a beautiful garden! I wonder if our pink roses are Iceberg. They look very similar. I don't know much about roses except they're beautiful.

  5. Thanks for the tour of your beautiful garden! Hopefully the sun is shinning today!


  6. Your roses rock, girl!!! I don't know what you mean about the photos, because they are gorgeous!!!
    I would give my neighbor's right arm to be able to walk through your garden with you first thing in the morning. That is my favorite thing to do in my own, is to walk through in the early morning and say hi to everybody.
    I have missed some great posts here while away, so I must go catch up on your posts now.
    hugs to you

  7. I love your garden and the cabbage roses are absolutely beautiful, I definitely have rose envy!

    Also thanks for visiting my blog...I hope to find a great red outdoor paint with primer and all! Be sure to come back for visit to the after photo!


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