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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Sneak Peak Whites

It is a rainy day today and sometimes you need those.  Today I am taking a break from the gardens and running some errands that I probably should have done a few weeks ago. 

Remember I WAS supposed to go to the grocery store last week.  Yeah, well the money that would have been spent on junk food, that is all anyone is missing here anyway, you know the question "Isn't there anything good to eat in this house, and that is coming from Mr. M."  Anyway that money went for GARAGE SALE FINDS. 
They were worth it and you know it!

Because I am going to be out all day and I fell asleep on the couch last night, I did not get to do a larger post on my favorite White Wednesday with Kathleen at Faded Charm.  I am going to do a sneak peak into the SHED.  
I picked some flowers from the garden and put them into one of my favorite WHITE Ironstone pitchers. 

Yes ladies, oops, and Gentlemen, it is DONE and you are not going to believe how good it looks. 

There will be NO fighting over the rental, it is booked all the way through the end of July already.  Just kidding, I can't rent it, there is no kitchen, bathroom, running water nor electric.

I would let my Good Friends come and visit anytime!  Of course, that includes yummy breakfast made especially by Mr. M.
The rest of the SHED story will be on this Friday for Show and Tell with My Romantic Home.  Thanks for stopping by to visit.

I needed to come back and add a note.

  Thank you for all of your wonderful comments over the last couple of posts.  I have most definitely read them, however, I have NOT gotten back to all who made these comments.
 I will!
  I have not forgotten, I have just been stuck in the MULCH.


  1. You shouldn't tease this way! It looks wonderful....can't wait!


    Just like a magazine!!!! I will have to get a email of it and print it before the magazine people come a running to your door.

    I want a print ot put in my wish book!

  3. Hi Alaina,

    What a wonderful accomplishment! The glimpse looks terrific - warm and inviting! Looking forward to seeing the rest.


  4. Are you kidding me? You are unbelievable. I saw that place less than 2wks ago. It is gorgeous I remember you saying it would be done but I thought to my self what is she smoking? HGTV needs to come calling.

  5. You big tease! It worked though, I will be back to see the rest! Happy White Wednesday!

  6. Lovin' it!!! Can't wait to see the rest!
    Health and happiness,

  7. Alaina that shed looks GORGEROUS and i cannot wait to see the rest of it!! My you are so talented!!

    I didn't get a chance to comment on yesterdays post but i want to say those drawings could have been my son's !! He does that and its always army!!! He adds helicopters as well. When my dad passed away he made a drawing to put in the casket for grandpa. Really touching.

    Pamela xo

  8. OMG! It's fabulous! Can't wait to see the rest! I'd love to come for a visit soon! *wink*

    BaCk pOrCh BLeSsiNgS,

  9. You're being a tease, but I have to tell you that it looks like something straight out of a magazine! It's absolutely gorgeous so far, and I can't wait to see more!
    Happy White Wednesday!

  10. Your little sneek peek is looking very pretty. Hurry up and show us the rest. You know how snoopy we are! LOL.


  11. OHHHH MAAAA GAAAWSH! THAT wonderful white goodness is going to be in a shed? It's going to be the sweetest little hide-away EVER! I can't wait to see it! So glad I saw this on White Wednesday! It's my first one!

  12. ONE last little itty bitty thing...that button heart pillow makes me SWOOOOOON! LoVE at first site!

  13. It's looking wonderful, I can't wait to see the rest! I'll come... what's a little electicity or running water when the surroundings are so yummy?

  14. HI do you want Cherry Pie? It would go good with my fabric.....I will never offer you cereal for fear of barfing. I cannot begin to imagine what kind of problem made you have soggy cereal....I make a great lemon pie of cherry does not suit.


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