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Thursday, June 24, 2010

This is going to have to be a short post. 
I have lots and lots to do! 
I did not want to miss joining Jo for Feather Your Nest at Secret Garden Cottage. 
Some of these pictures may have been shown as a mosaic on a previous post.

I love to have candles around the house.  This is one of my button candles.

Buttons and birdhouses.

Little white tables that fit in almost anywhere.

Black and white hats, gifts from a mother.

Hand made shelves to display my whites.

I have a dinning room hutch packed with all of my china. 
I just can't say no to roses on almost anything. 

I have plenty for a spontaneous tea party. 
 Table for 25 if the need ever arises.
Do you take one lump or two?

Plenty of chairs for company.
Both, inside and out.

The chairs are out and company is coming soon.
 I have to go pack for my trip.
Have a great day.

Stop back at Secret Garden Cottage to check out the other Nest Feathers.

How do you Feather Your Nest?


  1. LOVE your rose china! and the chair with the rose fabric. Your home is just gorgeous! I'd love coming to a party on your back deck!

  2. Have a wonderful vacation! Don't stop at any yard sales on the way! I am always inspired by your beautiful whites and pale pink roses.

    Your Friend,

  3. It might be a "short" post but full of charm!!!!

  4. Oh Alaina I LOVE coming here, cause I can always count on seeing something chippy and WHITE! I do think I covet all your buys in your previous post AND everything here in this post. I just keep chanting...thou shalt not.

  5. Hi Alaina,
    Everything is so lovely, as always!! Love all your chippy goodies, and your back deck and pergolla are stunning!! Thanks for the wonderful inspiration!
    Thanks so much for joining my party, especially on the rush to get ready for your trip! I appreciate it so much!
    Have a wonderful time on your trip!!
    Hugs ~ Jo :-)

    P.S. I had a problem with my linky tool and may have accidentally deleted your picture and link to your post (so sorry!). I've coppied one of your pictures so I can add it to the linky tool for you. I hope that's OK. Again, so sorry!!

  6. I think I see a different side of you everytime I visit! Your hutch full of roses is scrumptious!

  7. Your sitting room is beeeaaauuuutiful! LOVE all the white! Thank you for sharing how you feather your nest.

  8. I love love love your home your stuff and your deck!!!
    Can you come help me with some decorating? But you have to bring some treasures lol !
    Pamela xo

  9. You have feathered your home beautifully! I love all of your white chippy furniture and accoutraments! I adore your pretty rose collection of teacups. Very, very pretty!
    Hugs, Cindy S

  10. I like your collection of china with all the hand painted roses. Thanks for stopping by. Have a great time...Julian

  11. SUCH lovely lovely thingS! I ADORE your chippy white little table and your pergola! I have a pergola too and LOVE it! Thanks again for the award! I'm finally getting on my a seperate page (a wee bit of whimsy) THANK you soo much sweetie! Have a GREAT weekend! I know you made my WEEK with your sweetness!


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