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Monday, August 16, 2010

Those Who Inspire

I have been finding SO much inspiration lately. 

There are some blogs that are blowing me away with their ideas.
 I just LOVE it!  
 Vintage Trifles is a blog I found this past weekend and I sat for the better part of the morning looking through Martha's past posts.  It is hard to say which one of her ideas is my favorite because she has so many great ones.  Those who know me, know I tend to REALLY decorated for the holidays so here are two pictures, Halloween and Christmas that I just love.

A Halloween count down.  Read more about 13 days of Halloween

Another blog that has been inspiring me lately is Amy from Mittens.
  If you have not been following her blog yet, let me tell you she has been a creating machine.  These are only a couple of her creations.

She makes these wonderful paper wreaths and paper garlands.

How adorable are these little pillows she showed us for White Wednesday.

Amy also is hosting a Bookcover Challenge Givaway August 31. 
What ARE we going to do with all of those empty bookcovers. 
 I know it got me thinking.

Does anyone inspire you?  Or are you an inspiration to others?

One of my favorite reasons for blogging is finding new inspiration to keep me creative.  I could not think of a better way to celebrate this other than to join Debra from Common Ground.  Debra is going to be hosting a wonderful link party Vintage Inspiration Friday starting September 3.  What a wonderful way to show your appreciation for inspriation or to be inspiring yourself.

Come on, let's be CREATIVE!


  1. You inspire me Alaina! Not just with your creativity either...but what a hard working mom, wife you are!
    I love visiting you and am always in awe in all you accomplish.
    Pamela xo

  2. There really is a lot of inspiration out there...I'm going to check out the others you mentioned. I really need to get something done today (I'm secretly hoping to like them so much I'll be on here all day)...!!!

  3. Alaina, So nice to meet you! Thank you for the sweet comments and for mentioning my blog/work. It makes all the work worthwhile when someone enjoys it. It's not really work - I LOVE IT! Take good care, Martha

  4. Hi Alaina, thanks so much for spreading the word. There is so much inspiration out there, and you mentioned a couple of wonderful blogs. I know there are so many I haven't seen. I think this will give a lot of people exposure that we haven't found yet. I'm really looking forward to getting this started!

  5. You are a sweetie, I am so honored to be mentioned in with such other talented ladies. It warms my heart that someone gets inspired by what I do that makes me happy. I thank you for spreading the word about my challenge and I can't wait to see what you come up with.
    I have to say that I was having a hard week and getting sweet comments such as yours, keeps me going.
    Thank you, it means more than you know.

  6. Every blog on my blog list inspires me! And then some. I shall go check these blogs. Love to see crafts and decorating!

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  8. Hi Alaina, You are right there is a lot of inspiration out there. Glad to see you are one of them. Thanks for stopping by. Have a good week.
    The Swedish Room


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