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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A Long Day

I made it to the end of ANOTHER flea market.

I must say that I applaud all the vendors who do this more than once in 5 years as I have done.  It is HARD work and I hope everyone who has ever shopped at a flea market understands all the work and the whole process that goes into preparing for a flea market.  Not only the buying or making of treasures to sell, tagging, packing, loading and trucking everything to the location, unloading and fluffing their booth.  OH and don't forget about the dismantling, repacking and reloading and taking all the unsold items back for storage, and for some of us, unloading again and storing for the next flea market. 

 I am DONE!

  I vow to only SHOP from now on!!!!!!!

Seriously though, I had FUN!  For me the best part is the FLUFFING of my booth.  Guess what?  I had so many shoppers and vendors ask me if I had a shop and if so where was it, and then the best words came from the owner and most of the other vendors and shoppers. 

 I was voted BEST BOOTH!

I had a little lot of everything. 
 China, pottery, linens, mirrors, silver, furniture, quilts.

  You name it, I had it there.

My space was a 20x20 and the tent 10x20 and I filled every inch I had available.
I was packed to the ceiling.

Thank goodness my sisters were there to help! 
My whole family pitched in from loading and hauling to babysitting and unloading.


 I couldn't have done it without you for sure!

I had a good day.  I was lucky a dealer came through early and bought almost all my large furniture.  That means not having to haul it back home.  I sold some of my hand made signs, and tags.  I was surprised that more of the architectural stuff did not sell, but really I have no complaints. 
 I get to buy my new sewing machine and the RUFFLE foot. 

 I did a lot of HAPPY DANCING too!

However, this girl is retiring from flea market shows.........well maybe.........we will just have to see what kind of mood I am in next year.

Since my booth is just plastered in WHITE and I am still tired from the weekend.
 I will use this post for my favorite party of the week with Kathleen from Faded Charm for White Wednesday.


  1. Alaina, I've missed so much, your flea space was absolutely wonderful!! So glad you had a good day at the sale. I loved it all!! And the corn stalk from a few posts ago is such a great idea. Love the idea of flowers with it. Hope you're relaxing now, and hope to see you on Thurs and Friday, thanks for the sidebar link!!

  2. Alaina,

    It's no wonder you were awarded Best Booth. It's absolutely stunning. If I had attended the flea market, I would have spent my entire time in your booth!

    Your Friend,

  3. Dear Alaina, you have done lots of work I can see and really think your booth was wonderful with so many great stuff!!! I can hardly imagine how tiring moving all your things and installing them can be, just have the experience of my truck filled with stuff and having to load and unload it several times... and it is tiring but exciting!!!
    Hope you have a great sucess in your online shop instead of having to move your stuff.
    maria cecilia

  4. Girl job well done.
    It looked fab.
    I always say that hard work pays off and it sounds like it did for.
    I would have loved to be there and shop it myself.
    I have a screw loose and I love love doing shows the chaos and crazy of it all but I just love that feeling of accomplishment and people loving and buying :)

  5. I am not surprised you were voted best booth! Judging from the photos your booth looked beautiful. I would have loved to been there!!
    Love all your stuff!
    Pamela xo

  6. It looks really good!! Glad you did so well!

  7. Good for you!!! Glad things went well! The booth does look wonderful...but I don't expect any less from you!!! You always have awesome displays! It is hard work but sounds like it paid off!!!!

  8. Oh my...I could spend days and lots of money there!! Thank you so much for coming by today!!

  9. Congratulations, it looks like you had a good sale. I have never participated in a sale just for the reasons you said. Enjoy your sewing machine with the ruffle will be making a lot of roses!!


  10. Your booth looked awesome! Congrats on a successful flea market!!!

  11. Your booth looks so fabulous full of inspiring ideas! So happy for your success!! Happy WW!!

  12. I totally understand you but I am a glutton for punishment I guess as I do a show twice a year and now do a booth to boot.
    I love your space and wish I had been there to shop.

  13. This looks wonderful. So glad you had a good show.

  14. Alaina,
    CONGRATULATIONS!!! on being voted best booth. I'm sure it was FaBuLouS! If it was half as good as the photos, then it truly was fabulous! I wish I could have gone to your show, I would have loved it.
    Hugs, Cindy S

  15. I didnt know they gave you an award. When did it happen? It will be my last flea market forever. Too much work for one day. And the heat was crazy. Good people though. Made some great contacts.
    Congrats on the award.

  16. Congrats on a great show! I'm dubbing you Queen of Fluff! I'm so glad it was successful for you.

    No, we don't eat the pomagranates often. I'm the only one who likes them, they are a little tart! Hubby wants to take out the tree but I won't let him. The birds love it and it gives privacy from the neighbors on that side.

    Does your youngest start school this year? I've been so out of the loop lately I don't remember how old he is.

  17. I agree -it's a lot of hard work-you can't really do it unless you enjoy it!

  18. I know exactly what you are talking about just coming off two shows in two weekends. I'm beat and can't even stop to rest because i was just askedto join in on a fabulous show and I just can't say no to this one. Maybe by October I'll be able to take a break.

    Off to work on more "junk".

    Take care,


  19. I know exactly what you are talking about just coming off two shows in two weekends. I'm beat and can't even stop to rest because i was just askedto join in on a fabulous show and I just can't say no to this one. Maybe by October I'll be able to take a break.

    Off to work on more "junk".

    Take care,


  20. I am coming over from White Wednesday.
    I love your booth! So many things would have wanted to come home with me if I had been there.

    How exciting to win Best Booth.

  21. Thnak you for your get weel wishes! and the pictures of your flea market are fab! I can see a lot of wonderful items!

  22. I'm glad you did well and that you gave us a peek! I know what hard work it all is. It's a young person's job! Good for you! I hope you get a good break!

  23. Awesome job!

    Can you see me drooling over the contents of that tent?:-)

  24. Please do open an online shop. We would all be at it shopping. I applaud all of your hard work and love that goes into these events.

  25. Looks like a great event. Lucky you had help -- it was huge!

    Please stop by to check out our new Giveaway Friday linky party every Friday. Jane F.

  26. sometimes you get a realy good item from sales or flea markets, i dont mind taking a round if i am in the vicinity, you find some great objects at great prices, i got my last antique piece from Annie's Online Store


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