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Monday, December 27, 2010

A Christmas Tour

I was definitely busy, as I am sure everyone was these past few weeks.
I did not get the chance to do a Christmas house tour before Christmas.
No better time than the present!

 Arbor House Lane Christmas tour.

I hope you enjoyed my house tour.
We have one more week to enjoy before all of the decorations get put away for another year.

How about you, do you put away your decorations before or after the New Year?


  1. I was thinking of putting them away today!!! Some of your stuff Alaina is so nice, and there are too many to list. But I will say I adore the little window cabinet and the big brown cabinet in your home...the list could go on I afraid!

  2. I love all of your decorations you have some wonderful cabinets!!!
    I hate for the Holiday to end and I have been known to leave my tree up until Valentines Day :)
    Thank you for sharing the tour of your home it is very lovely!

  3. Your home looks so beautiful dressed up for Christmas. I love the white with pops of red. The tree in your kitchen looks wonderful!

    I hope your holidays were fabulous!


  4. Lovely!! I especially love the soft colors of your kitchen and dining room!

  5. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas. It all looks so beautiful!! Have a great week, T

  6. beautiful tree and i love the kitchen sink!

  7. ahh tudo bonito, quero essas ornamentações pra mim. Sempre visito seu blog. Um abração do Brasil pra você. Tenha um feliz ano novo.

  8. Your decor is so darn pretty, I'm not sure what to highlight. I do love the three Santas on the dresser! I normally leave all my decor up until New Year's day, but I put away some of the smaller items today. The little cluttery things were driving me nuts for some reason.

  9. Ours will remain up until the Epiphany which falls on Thursday, January 6th. Your Christmas decor looks beautiful. I am searching your site to see more of your kitchen to add to my inspiration file. One question: Where do you store all those decorations?

    Your Friend,

  10. Oh Alaina, I love every square inch of it!!!

  11. OMG! Your home is so lovely and every room has a special touch of Christmas. Your trees are lovely and so are all the beautiful touches here and there. I love it all. Thanks for the tour!


  12. I m in complete awe!!! Beautiful!! And that kitchen!!! Your home is beautiful..and how you were able to capture pictures of your trees so perfectly!!!

  13. I enjoyed the tour!! Everything looks gorgeous.


  14. You have a great tour! Mine tour never got completed as we have had electrical problems since Christmas Eve (it keeps going out even after 3 visits from the utility company) But I have sure enjoyed yours!

  15. Thank you for the home tour! I enjoyed it so much!
    Your home is just gorgeous! It looks like pics from Country Home magazine. Love it all!
    Happy New Year!
    ~ Julie
    p.s. I just did a post about your giveaway that I won. Thanks again, so much!


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