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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Clock That Won't Keep Time

A couple of months ago I was lucky enough to win a CSN gift card giveaway from Mimi at Vanilla Haven.
I wanted to share with you what I purchased with my gift card.

It was hard to choose from SO many choices.

Finally, after waiting until the very last day to choose, and after many visits to the CSN website.

This is what I picked.

I happen to really like clocks.
  Almost every room in my home has at least one.
This one looks antiqued and it is large, 24" round.
Right now the clock is in the living room.


If you were to visit my home you might wonder why none of these beautiful clocks are 

Or if they even

At one time they were,
on time,
they did work.

Mr. M. removed the batteries




You see, the noise of the tick, tick, tick, tick drives him up a wall,
when he is trying to sleep.
He is a napper!

I showed him the new clock.
  Nice, isn't it?  I asked. 
Yes, he agreed, but what is the hanging thing at the bottom?  He asked.
The pendulum.  I answered.
What exactly does it do?  He asked.
It swings back and forth keeping the time.  I answered.

I knew.
I did not really have to ask.
But, I did.

Are you going to let me put a battery in it?
Not likely, was his answer.
In a joking manner I told him I would hang it as HIGH as I could so he could not reach it.
But I won't.
It won't be keeping time, but I love it anyway.

Thank you Mimi.

If you have not met Mimi or visited her blog, you must stop by, say hello for me.
Just like me, I think she is trying to think of anything but WINTER!
You could spend an hour or two visiting CSN, so much to look at.
Well, I hope you have a great day, I am off to find a battery!


  1. I love clocks too. Some of mine don't work either, like you I don't care.

    I love your clock and wis.h I could hear it tick tock.

  2. That's cool even without batteries. Clocks are just cool to look at.

  3. I'm married to a battery salesman, and most of my clocks don't work because of dead batteries (which he never seems to remember to bring home). But the clocks are to pretty to not be out.

    The clock you chose is gorgeous!

  4. Don't feel bad...I have one almost like it and it doesn't keep the correct time anyway!! te he!
    But I still have it up because I love it so much.
    big hugs,

  5. lol - i think that is so funny that he removed the clock batteries. I have one similar to yours & it has batteries, but doesn't keep correct time either (if that makes you feel any better) least when people visit, they can focus on "the now". xoxo

  6. I have a thing about clocks too, but for some reason, they just quit working all on their own, new battery or not.
    I'm a thrift store shopper, and these clocks all work when I get them. then, after awhile, they just stop.

    Well, i do enjoy looking at them anyway.


    barbara jean

    PS LOVE the clock you chose.

  7. Hi, just happened upon your site. I have that same clock. I bought it when QVC had it on clearance. I keep a battery in it, but, I had to fix the pendulum so it wouldn't swing back and forth because my two cats were showing toooo much interest in it and I was afraid they would knock my clock off of the wall. lol
    QVC now has on clearance a black clock similar to that one. Sigh, they lowered the price a week after I bought one. I bought the black one to hang behind my black metal bed whenever I get around to redecorating my bedroom. Here's the link to the black clock in case you might be interested:

  8. Alaina, what a perfect choice... I love clocks too..maybe you could sneak a battery in there for one month of the year... how about your birthday month, that would be a special treat for you! Thanks so much for the mention in your post.. I love visitors!! Have a perfect non-winter (hee hee) day!

  9. It's a great looking clock, too bad it won't be able to do the job that it was created for. I guess marital harmony is more important, though.
    Hugs, Cindy

  10. Alaina,

    I collect antique clocks and have many. Mine are all key turn, and chime on the hour. I always forget to warn guests.
    Gorgeous choice with your generous winnings!

    Your Friend,

  11. That's hilarious that he takes the batteries out of them. I can relate though. I put up a big wallclock in my bedroom and it bugged me so much the first few weeks I was ready to throw it away. Now I'm used to it and don't even notice though.

  12. Very funny! I have my Mom's old pendulum clock that chimes on the hour. Every once in a while I will wind it up and remember the good old days!

  13. Ahh that is a funny story!! lol !
    For some reason clocks are making such a nice decorative touch in rooms without having to work!
    I like it!!

  14. I had a great old clock in a wood case, really victorian looking. My husband bent the piece that makes the clock chime so I sold it! He said it drove him crazy. Haha! judy

  15. I didn't know they had things like that on CSN. Guess I'd better look them up. I'm just like your husband. Except I can't stand to hear it ticking day or night! If it ticks, it's banished to the garage!

  16. I like silence when I'm sleeping, but I'm just as sensitive to light. I used to turn my husbands digital clock face down, or cover it with a pillow. He finally gave up and we don't have it anymore.

  17. I love your new clock too but I'm just like your hubby and can't sleep if I can hear a clock ticking...funny huh! ~Deb~
    PS Love the white cabinet in your's a beauty!

  18. I love that clock! But most of all I loved your sweet comment!! Have a great rest of the week ,T

  19. That is funny about the tick-tock-ing...He must love digital! I enjoyed seeing your christmas tour (even tho it is way past) and you *must* get that cabinet upstairs...that is a *great* piece!
    have a great weekend!


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