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Sunday, January 23, 2011

On With The Birthdays

Once Christmas and the New Year have past then it is time to celebrate the family birthdays.  It has been a tradition to go to my parents home for all of our birthdays for as long as I can remember.  When my mom passed away, it was a reason to get together, although celebrating our birthdays was one of the hardest celebrations without my mom.
She always made sure that we felt special on that one day, our day.

But, we decided to carry on the tradition.

Today we are celebrating my youngest sister's and one of my niece's birthday.
We have pizza and sit around chatting all day long.
Later we have cake and they open presents.

My sister called me earlier in the week, "are you going to make my cake?" she asked.
"Yes, do you want Turtle cake?" I asked.
"If you want to make it" she said.  "I will" I told her.

You may wonder what makes this cake important, it is all about what cake my mom used to make for us. We each have a certain cake that my mom would bake and we still request that cake.  Last year I was trying to diet and I did NOT make THE CAKE, or at least the one she wanted. 
This year, oh well, about the diet after Christmas.

 Damn those Christmas cookies!

The thing about this turtle cake is that it weighed 10 pounds the first time I baked it, oh, it was good, oh so good.  And I not kidding about the weight, we took it to the scale before slicing it open. 
To say that it was rich was an understatement.

This year it does not feel so heavy, but we WILL weigh it to be sure. 
My sister is happy, I made her cake!

Good thing, because I didn't get her any presents.
I asked, and received, "I don't know."
That's OK, my sister is in the process of buying her first house and I will get her something she will need when the keys become hers. 
 Until then, a wrapped box of nothing. 
 Trust me she will laugh.

My day will be filled of laughter and relaxation.
How about you?
 How are you spending this last day of the weekend?

Are you having any cake?


  1. Sometimes you just have to give in to the CAKE!!!

    And I were offered a piece of that cake...there'd be no way I could turn it down!!!

    Enjoy your cake and pizza today:):)

  2. Yum... that cakes looks DElicious, Alaina. Have a great time celebrating at your Dad's house... sounds like a fun day. :)
    I'll be working in the garden today, pruning rose bushes.

  3. i just cannot imagine a day where your family actually celebrates a birthday together. And sits around all day enjoying each other...wowow.

    Even in Mr. Paints family that does not happen.
    What a great family tradition, and the best part? That you like each

    That is what I wanted for this family.

  4. I'm planning on making a chocolate cake from a trader joes mix that is just as marvelous as from scratch for Valentine's weekend. Thank you for stopping by...I'm glad you are enjoying the music it cheers my heart. ox

  5. I think this is a lovely tradition! The cake looks delicious and I don't think I could hold back on a nice big slice!! I hope you have a wonderful day. We are watching the Bears in the playoffs {Yay!} and having a lot of snacks...I won't hold back on those either!! ;-D


  6. Oh, I would love just one bite of that delectable-sounding cake of yours!

  7. That cake looks divine! A box of nothing! ha ha

    My birthday is in april, I'm putting in my request now for a wrapped box of turtle cake!

  8. You are so blessed Alaina! Enjoy that gorgeous cake...what a lovely tradition!

  9. Alaina,

    I think I gained a pound just looking at the scrumptious cake. I hope you enjoyed it. Remember, when all is said and done, no one's last words are going to be "Damn I shouldn't have had that piece of cake!"

    I hope you share the recipe with us.

    Your Friend,

  10. What a wonderful way to continue the loving tradition you Mom started! A turtle cake? I can only imagine how delicious...just like the little turtle candies. Sounds wonderful!

  11. I wasn't planning on having any cake...but now, well, you sort of forced me into it, didn't you :)


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