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Thursday, February 3, 2011

It's Story Time

At least that is what my son says.

Mom, I can use it to do my stories.

Ah, NO!

I have been on the hunt for these for a few years and there is no way I am letting my kids play with it.

I found this neat little typewriter while out antiquing with my daughter last Saturday. 
You would have thought I had won the lottery with how excited I was.
Not only is it small, but it also folds in half, and it fits into the black case on the shelf above the typewriter.

I have been in a decorating funk so for now the type writer is just sitting in the corner while I wait for inspiration.  I think I need to paint, that usually helps me get out of my winter funk. 

So, I guess today I will put on my coat and see what I can find to paint in the garage, I know I have a few extras there.

How are YOU doing?
Did you get caught in the winter storm?


  1. Alaina,

    Ice on top of snow here. Makes for good sledding!
    That is a great find, an early 'portable' antique typewriter! You need to paint? Oh how I wish we lived closer. I have rooms that need to be painted -- white! Have fun "creating" your way out of the funk. Your vignette is beautiful and inspiring.

    Your Friend,

  2. I don't even have snow and I feel like doing nothing.
    I did not even know there was such a typewriter...and I would have gone out of my mind with excitement too if I was looking for one and finally found it. That is awesome for you.


  3. I adore your typewriter!! It's an awesome size! I have an antique Royal and it's a BEHEMOUTH! ;-) But I love her anyway. I'm in a funk too...I HATE that! I bake to make the funk go away, then I eat the baked goods, gain weight and get in more of a funk! HA! LOL At least your paint doesn't have any calories!

  4. When I saw the title of your post, I thought... Oh good I could use a story time! LOL!

    I just got a typewriter too, it's bigger and unbelievable heavy, and yep, my kids have already ripped out the tape.

    I can't wait to see what you do with yours... I myself have NO IDEA! I always feel silly with a sit about that's purely decorative. (You can't imagine how many times the shovel has been pulled off the wall and USED!) But you girls encouraged me to do it in my kitchen and after I played with it enough, I loved it.

  5. Love the size of this old beauty! Wish I could score one myself!

  6. I love that typewriter!
    I hate just hate to tell this story but my husband was cleaning out his parents garage one year (they are serious hoarders) and he THREW this identical typewriter in the dump!!
    My MIL has never forgiven him...but as he says well it was in the garage rotting for 10yrs! lol !

  7. That is the neatest typewriter I've ever seen. And not only do you get the typewriter, you get a cool case too!

  8. ooooo! Neat finds, Alaina! You clever, creative girls are starting to make me want to look for the nearest antique shop. Seriously--I just googled yesterday. I want fun things now too!

  9. Hello,

    very beautiful blog


  10. Awwww remember when I had to type a letter it seems like forever ago...

    Thank you for your beautiful comment and visit to my place, you are a joy to visit with.

  11. Great find! It's so cute! I've been wanting a vintage typewriter for a long time, too!

  12. I love this little typewriter!!! What a great find!!!
    ~ Julie


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