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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Sign Love

This date represents the year we built our home and the year we were married.

This sign was my anniversary gift to my husband.

I made the sign using a scrap piece of wood I had in the basement. 
 I think it was either part of a door or a shutter in its' past life.

My favorite part of the sign is that I did not have to paint it white or distress it.
I printed up the letters and numbers on the computer and traced it onto the wood using carbon paper.
Then I hand painted in the tracings.

  The line around the edge I just lightly painted freehand following the edge of the wood.  I let the paint brush run out of paint on parts of the line to make it have a more natural aged look.

Mr. M. liked it very much and I did not have to ask more than once to get him to hang the sign in the front entrance of our home. 

Did you find the little red thing at the top of the picture?  Now if only I could find a chandelier to replace the broken one I would be a happy camper.

As for what I am doing today and for........ a while, I have signed up for 40 bags in 40 days.  If you have not heard about it you will enjoy your visit to August Fields, this blog is a wonderful place to visit.  I don't know how she does it all and with 5 adorable children.
I made my list of 40 things I want to accomplish.
 This morning I started with cleaning out the mud room before the kids even left for school.

Now normally I need a big event, such as a child's birthday party or a holiday looming to get me to take on such projects, but I am willing to try this commitment instead.

I am hoping that Newton's Law "A body in motion remains in motion unless it is acted on by an external force.  If the body is at rest it remains at rest."

My external force is this computer, so basically if I do not get away now I will get nothing done.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you are having a productive day!



  1. thank you so much, i cannot wait for spring, i to love peonies too.

  2. I brought you a refill so you don't have to leave the couch. One lump or two? I totally dig the sign. Dig the striped walls. So fresh and inviting. Completely fabulous. (the dresser I taped.)

    xo J @ BKB.

  3. I LOVE your sign. Beautiful and full of beautiful memories! What an awesome gift to your hubby.


  4. wha? Alaina, that is the best sign ever..I love it, along with your entrance to your home!

  5. LOOOOOOVE it. No, I lover it.

    Ahh. It feels good to be here. I've been neglecting myself, by neglecting all of my blog reading.

  6. Alaina,

    What a wonderful and heartfelt gift you made. It looks beautiful over the main entrance to your lovely home.
    Forty bags in forty days? I am off to see this wizard!

    Your Friend,

  7. The sign is awesome, Alaina. You did a wonderful job. It looks fantastic hanging above your door. I wish you lots of luck in finding the perfect will look great here!


  8. what a charming entrance to your home Alaina. What a great idea for a gift, too.

  9. What a wonderful sign, Alain, and I love the story behind it. Good luck with all of your goals. I have lots, too... and the same external force keeps getting in the way for me, too... lol! ;-)
    Have a great weekend!
    ~ Jo

    p.s. The hedge along my driveway are verbena bushes. I wouldn't say I keep it cut back tight, but definitely keep it neat. Hope that helps. :)

  10. I'm a sign lover...especially those that hold sentimental value.

  11. I love your sign! What a wonderful gift for your husband.


  12. Love, love, love your sign! My husband and I were married January 2nd of that year and our daughter was born on 9/9/99. You have really inspired me to look for a piece like that to try my hand at creating that lovely sign for our home.

    Thanks for sharing,

  13. Such a great idea for sign! We're celebrating 10 years in April and I'd love to do something like this too!


  14. Isn't that the truth? I sit down to check a few things then hours are gone. It literally sucks the life right out of me..haha
    Good luck on your 40 days 40 bags.

  15. That is really a neat sign -- you did a great job with it.

  16. NO PRESSURE! I know what it is to need to take a blog break... BUT...

    I just wanted to say how much I miss your sweet smiling face. (Your face is always smiley when I picture it!) I miss all of you girls that have taken a break. Hope you are resting, and renewing, and most of all... Creating more goodies to share with us! Love the inspiration I get here! (just painted my kitchen white, and it is spreading throughout the house, yikes ;-)

  17. A L A I N A


    Where are you???????are you ok? I miss you/

    you are not stuck in a snow bank are you? were you looking for dirt?

    the snow will end!!!!

  18. Great job on the sign, it's wonderful.

    I guess I'm the body at rest part of that saying. I couldn't get on the coputer because of problems so I had to get up off my duff and do somthing! Problem is I deciced to switch the function of a couple of rooms and switch several pieces of furniture from other rooms to make it all work. Now everything is out of place and my original plan isn't woking, the family is calling for a mutiny, and I'm too flusterd to switch it all back.

    40 bags huh? I'll check it out.


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