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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Lost In Creativeness


Really, I wasn't stuck in a snowbank looking for dirt like my friend Melissa from Pink Satin Sashes wondered.

I was hiding in my fabric!
In fact, I am not looking looking out the window again until that WHITE STUFF on the ground is gone!

I was stuck in a craft room.

I was doing the cleaning thing,


kind of.

I think all moms know what happens when you send your kids to their rooms to clean.


Well, the same thing happens to us creative people when we are SUPPOSED to clean our craft room.


I planned some posts to show you last week what I was up to, but then circumstances that you can not control sometimes happen; sick children, computer problems.

So, children get better and Mr. M. the computer man brings home a shiny new hard drive and life goes back to normal.
 Except, I was having so much fun CLEANING the craft room I almost did not want to come out.

But I did, I wanted to share with you and tell you that you can do it too with a little practice and some of Miss Mustard Seed's help.  In case you have not seen them, Marion from Miss Mustard Seed posted some video tutorials on how to make a wing back slipcover; from cutting to sewing a slipcover.
 I watched them over and over.

First I practiced by making a bench cover. 
I painted the legs white and removed the green embroidered cover and made a simple slipcover with a ruffle edge.

I think my daughters' cat has found a new spot to hide from the boys.

Next I tackled a spare chair.
 I ALWAYS have a spare.
But, don't ask, because I can not share a spare chair.



I just love how the chair turned out! 

And I thought a wing back would be hard to do, this arm detail was a bugger, but I tried and tried again and I am just tickled with how good it looks. 

Just look at that cute ruffle, it just brings out the cuteness of her legs.

And boy does baby got BACK!

I can't wait to unveil her at my daughters' birthday party next weekend.

Now besides cleaning the rest of the house for the birthday party, I just happen to have a couple of pairs of wing back chairs that I want to slipcover.
So don't bother sending a search party, I'm ok.

 My evil plan is that if I have enough pretty chairs in the living room, I can convince Mr. M. that the lazy boy HAS TO GO!

Hey Sara,
Now let's see if burger king can beat that.

Inside joke!  I'll let you know if my buddy Sara spit out her coffee reading it.

I am going to be joining My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia for Tuesday's Treasures,  Faded Charm for White Wednesday and Miss Mustard Seed for Furniture Feature Friday, and My Romantic Home for Show and Tell Friday with my pretty white slipcovers this week.
I hope you have a great week, or two!


  1. Great job, it looks lovely! I just recently finished one myself so I know the work that goes into it!

  2.!! looking for dirt!!!
    ADORE your "baby got back"!
    corset romance:)
    I can't wait to finally get to my little blue chair make over and do something similar!

    xo, Rosemary

  3. Such beautiful slipcovers.....I wish I could be this creative. I see chairs and have to pass them up because I know it would cost a fortune to have it done by someone else. Maybe a goal to all my spare time*wink*.


  4. Love the bench cover and the wingback cover. You did a wonderful job. Love the back of the chair. I've been wanting to try to make slipcovers but haven't tackled it yet. I did she Marian's video and she makes it look easy.


  5. Wow - so adorable! I have a bench in my daughters room that the slipcover you made would look fantastic on! love what you have created! xoox, Tracie

  6. Beautiful work. Your slipcovers are just wonderful. Hugs, Marty

  7. The bench and chair look beautiful! Very nicely done! The ruffles and the back of the chair are awesome!


  8. The slipcovers are gorgeous!!!!!!!!! Absolutely gorgeous!!!!!


  9. OMG this is beautiful!!!
    I would love to do this to my chair!!
    Love Melissa's comment...maybe she can help me create!
    Glad to have you back Alaina!!

  10. GORGEOUS! OMG, I think we have that SAME chair...I gotta go look at it! Okay, it's the same fabric and tunnel back but our isn't a wing back, it has wood arms. Funny huh?

  11. Good Job Alaina!!! just gorgeous, love the slipcovered chair back; so so spunky and flirty!
    hope Spring comes soom!

  12. WOWIE! WOW!
    "And boy does baby got BACK!"

    I am so glad I checked Wit! We've been having trouble all week, and I haven't been able to get on much and I would have HATED to miss this post.

    And I know how much you love white, but I sure hope you'll be seeing a little green soon!

  13. You have been busy!!! Both covers look great!!! But, how could you possible go wrong with white, and ruffles, and bows??? Oh love the bows!!!!

  14. Oh I am so glad you are back, I missed you terribly. Our computer had to get fixed and something is up and I cannot email you directly from your page.

    I missed you!

    Your chairs, look incredible alaina ,I am proud of you for tackling such a feat!

    you made me laugh when you said you send the kids to the room to clean it upa dn they play because it brought back such memories for me!

    I have been playing too, and you would be proud, the paint is all white!

  15. I'm so impressed! What a beauty your chair is!

  16. Oh so cute Alaina!!! I absolutely love the 'spare chair' slipcover. I have made a few, so I know how hard they can be, so I am bowing to you right this minute!!!!!!
    I love every inch of your beautiful home. I loved the sign in your previous post.

    So just keep playing when you should be cleaning...and then share. Cause I love it when you clean.LOL!
    sending hugs

  17. Beautiful chair, looks really pretty .. p.s no the charcoals drawings, I did not do... They are by a famous artist named DEGAS. I just love them so much....My favorite !!!!! Thank you so much for all your beautiful comments

  18. wow, looks like you and Melissa have been passing the time in a fun way--not just moping around getting more depressed at THE FREAKING SNOW. Love your handiwork!

  19. oh it looks gorgeous!

    you have inspired me to have a go at two of mine...they are floral ....very pretty and all ...but waaay to busy for me to live with!!

    wish me luck...and lovely to find you via kristin at *tuesday treasures*

    melissa x

  20. Great Job Alaina!! The slipcovers look beautiful! Martina

  21. Alaina, this is so have great talent...gearing up to complete one I'm working on....hop on over to my blog and enter in to my giveaway!!!...Mariaelena

  22. Omg, that looks Wonderful! You did a great job, and it totally transformed the chair. I LOVE the back!


  23. You did such a great job! It looks so pretty. Glad I found your blog!!

  24. So pretty! I love the details on the back... great job!

  25. I am LOST in the BEAUTY!!

    I am inspired by you girl!!
    I can see now what you have been up to!!


    My blog is also showing off some sewing projects...yours are bEAuTIful!
    Mel's Cabin follows you.

  27. Oh my these are just beautiful. Great job you did on them. I so appreciate a good sewer!

  28. Bravo! Your slipcovers turned out amazing!! I'm not surprised though... you have the midas touch.

  29. Very impressive! I just gave away a chair almost identical to that. Now. I'm wishing I would have kept it. Didn't know it could look so cool!

  30. They are both absolutely beautiful! Can't wait to feature them one friday!

  31. I love that chair...especially the back. Everything is gorgeous. I am your latest follower. I would love for you to come and check out my blog and follow me back at Thanks so much.

  32. You have been busy...wonderful project I see here...thanks for the lesson on totally makes sense now...I never quite got it before:)
    Your words of support for me and my *mess* have been such an encouragement to me...THANK YOU for sharing your heart with me.

  33. Oh I love it! You did a fabulous job! I have yet to watch one of MMS's slipcover video tutorials, way too intimidating for me still. I can hardly sew a straight line at this point. You should be so proud of your accomplishment!
    Have a blessed week!

  34. Your bench and chair turned out gorgeous!!! Well done!

    I wanted to thank you for visiting my blog! You asked me if drop cloths were too stiff to work with - the answer is no. I washed the drop cloth before I used it so that a) it would be softer and b) it wouldn't shrink the first time I have to throw it in to wash. I've sewn with twill before and it was a bit stiffer than the drop cloth. Hope this helps!


  35. That slipcover is amazing on that chair! Can you share what kind of material you used and how you did the back so the chair is covered?

    Love it.



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