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Friday, June 1, 2012

Garden Stroll

Come and join me.
Let's take a stroll through my gardens.


I have to put on my rain boots.
The sky is watering my plants today.


Follow mittens, he knows the best way to all the paths.
He is my gardening companion while I work in the gardens.

This is what my gardens look like as you drive in our driveway. 

The trees on the left are the only trees on our main property when we built our home 14 years ago.
In fact, they are the reason for the curve in our driveway.
I wanted the driveway to be different, not straight on.

I love how the color of the house stands out against all of the green.

The Thunder Cloud Plum trees were a mass of pink flowers earlier in spring.
Now they are a majestic mass of deep purple leaves.

Flowers you see as you drive up the driveway.

I added some more of Mr. M.'s favorite.

Another seat and a new white rose.

I am hoping that my new white rose will get enough sunlight by the garage entrance.
I have grand hopes that it will one day grow enough to trellis over the side door.

I try to have a seat or two to stop and enjoy the view.

These little roses are of my favorite shrub rose.
Soon the bush will grace us with a plethora of tiny pink roses.

This path will leads you from the garage entrance towards the front door.


Of all my roses, these are my favorite.
Even in the final stages they are just beautiful.

My children know, you do NOT run through my paths.
They are made for a slow stroll to enjoy the smells and sights of flowers.
I do not prune my roses until the blooms have come and gone.

Flowers along the path.

Opposite view.

My fireman has to have his hydrant.
I also try to have a bird house in each of my gardens.
I don't think there are any vacancies either.

It is hard to show you how colorful the garden really is.
I am working on my photography.

Look at all the buds.

This path is now going to take you to the front arbor


This is what I look at when I look out my front door.

Arbor House Lane.
This is the walkway that leads to our front door.
It is in the stages of changing from little white roses to pink ones large and small.

As you can see from this picture.
The roses are in need of a trimming.

The path is now taking us around the other side to the arbor that leads to the side brick patio.

White Peonies and a white shrub rose bush.

Mittens is waiting for you.

Baby's Breath.

This is the other side of the path.

The smaller Arbor.

White flowers in the garden.

We are almost to the brick patio.

Another birdhouse in the garden.

This patio is my father's favorite spot to sit.
You can watch the butterflies and birds flying around.
If you are really quiet you may get a glimpse of a Hummingbird in the cat mint.

The only red I have in my gardens are roses.
I found out that many hybrid roses are grafted.
Onto red rose root bases.
So, when the top rose died off, the red rose grew up from the roots.
Yeah, I have many red rose bushes now.
I have learned, now I only buy roses that can live in my area, no more red roses.

This path leads to the back yard and the deck.

The deck.
The large tree to the left is a French Lilac.
It blooms later in Spring and smells amazing.

This path is in my rose garden.
 More biting bushes.
Did you notice the pots on the left.
Yeah, I still have a few left to plant.

Clematis growing up a birdhouse in the garden between the deck and brick patio.

This is the second brick patio.

This rose bush is kind of odd. 
Only some of the original rose died, so some of the roses are red and some are pink.

This is the path I showed in an earlier post, it leads to the fire pit.

Love, love, love my peonies.

Yep, a lot of red roses.

My new chair in the garden.

Thank you for stopping by to see more of my gardens.
As you can see, I kind of really like to garden.
Now that it is the weekend, I can't wait to go and cut some flowers to bring in the house.

I am joining Jennifer Rizzo's Garden tour.

Have a wonderful weekend.


  1. OMG!!!!! Alaina your gardens are gorgeous!!!!
    What a beautiful driveway and entrance to your property. I LOVED every single photo.
    sending many hugs...

  2. What an amazing garden you have! I thoroughly enjoyed "strolling" along your garden path. I especially love the cottagey look of your gardens in the way you've accessorized the paths and beds with chairs, birdhouses, etc. I also want to thank you for stopping by garden last week and leaving such a nice comment.

    Thanks for sharing your lovely garden with us.

  3. Beautiful garden tour you have given us. Each picture is just stunning.

  4. WOW, I love how lush your garden is, just beautiful. Everything is awesome, have you ever contacted Country Garden magazine? They would love it!

  5. You should really be featured in a magazine, Alaina. Your gardens are amazing. So, get on that, won't you! Now I have to hunt down some babies breath, because it's beautiful. Why don't we all have that in our garden????

  6. What a beautiful post of your gardens.....

  7. This is absolutely Gorgeous!Every photo is as delightful as the last and I'm savoring every one.Thank you so much for the garden inspiration!

  8. Love all the chairs tucked int spots in your garden. I live in a little beach cottage and can barely keep my small garden up. I don't know how you keep up with your lovely garden.

    Thank for the tour.

  9. Wow, what an amazing garden! I love all the chairs tucked in the flowers... I could spend hours outside here.

  10. So enjoyable to have such a beautiful garden tour! Just gorgeous

  11. oh how I'd love to join you and mittens for a stroll thru your lovely gardens!!

  12. Your garden is absolutely beautiful!! Your landscaping is very nice, too. Got any more pics?

    -Carlos Hernandez


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