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Saturday, November 10, 2012

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like..........


No, come on, not in this house.

Never too early.

Yes, I started putting up trees.
You have to start early when you have 10, 11, 12....
The number seems to grow each year.

This year I started with the tree in the basement family room.

I am thinking of going with a cream gold and red color theme.
I tried to use colored lights.
Really, I did.
Ask my daughter.
I had the tree all lit up in colored lights, just to try it out.


My daughter went down to check it out the next morning.
"MOM, why did you take off the colored lights?  You said you would try."
Oh, I did, for one night.

They can have all the colored lights they want on the trees in their rooms, but for the rest of the trees.
White lights only!

Over the long weekend the kids and I are doing some Christmas shopping, going out for lunch and craft shopping.

We all love to do a fun holiday craft.
I am making some paper Santa ornaments and sewing some sweater pillows.

How about you?
Any trees yet?
Are you even in the mood yet?

I even found Christmas carols on the radio.

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas all through the house.


  1. I do not use colored lights.. I love the white lights... I most definately do not like the colored LED ones... I am all decorated so I guess I'm in the mood....but mainly I just love to be done and enjoy....

  2. nay, not too early when you're having this much fun. Can't wait to see it all!

  3. I know you're having fun! I love lights...white, colored, anything for the sparkle! I can't wait to see all of your trees this year! And I like how organized and ahead of the game you are!


  4. so pretty! have fun w/the decorating...can't wait to see! xoox

  5. I am definitely in the mood to decorate for Christmas!! I am a white lights only girl, too! My kids would prefer colored lights, but I have so many vintage colored ornaments I think it would start to look garish. I think my kids might need their own little trees to decorate. I can't wait to see all your other decorations! I just found some adorable vintage style glitter houses at Target so I'm very exited to decorate now!
    Michelle xoxo


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