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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Picture This

Mr. M. bought me a new camera for Christmas.
I was amazed at how much better it is than my old one.
It takes pictures of my home as I really see it.
I love my new camera.

My dinning room on Christmas morning.

This is the naughty corner where children go to think.

This wreath hangs all year round by the kitchen window.

Paper whites in the kitchen window.
Please tell why one is growing and one is not.  They were planted at the same time.

The kitchen doors to the dinning room.
I love how much light these rooms get.

A favorite quote from the movie Pride and Prejudice on a chalkboard in the hallway.

Favorites around the house.

The front door entrance.

Arbor House Lane.

The house as it looks each morning, with all the trees brightly lit.
Mr. M. has been told by fellow neighbors that our house lit up in the morning makes them smile on the way to and from work.

As you can see we did finally get some snow.
The kids can't wait to get outside and play.

Thanks for stopping by to see random photos with my new camera.
How about you?
Playing with any new Christmas toys?

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  1. You have a very lovely home and the outside looks wonderful.... so inviting and cozy!

  2. Your home looks like a Christmas card! It's lovely both inside and outside.


  3. I do think your home is beautiful. Congrats on the new camera. The pictures are lovely, and your foyer looks fabulous.
    But then, I always think your home looks wonderful!

  4. A new and better camera can make all the difference in your photos and your beautiful home is certainly worth taking lots of pictures of! Hurray for you and your gift! Your home looks beautiful dressed up for everything, especially that outdoor shot! Santa was good to you! :)


  5. Your home is always beautiful, but never more than Christmas!!

  6. Your home is beautiful!!

    Amy Jo

  7. Everything looks lovely. Congrats on new camera.

  8. Look at all those gorgeous trees in the windows! I just love the outside of your house. Congratulations on the new camera. I can tell a difference in the photos already, not that I ever thought there was anything wrong with your photos before, but they really pop now. Have fun!

  9. Beautiful, Alaina, just beautiful. Thank you for sharing. I hope you had a lovely Christmas!

  10. Can I come over and think in the "naughty" corner?

  11. ALaina, your home is GORGEOUS at Christmas!!!! Actually, it is GORGEOUS always, but wow does it sparkle!!!!!! I agree with Art and Sand...can I come over to sit in your naughty corner?
    Happy New Year!
    hugs from me...

  12. I would love to know what camera you have, as I am looking for the same thing--pictures that look like what I am seeing. By the way, I love what that camera was seeing in this post! Such a beautiful place and the light seems wonderful too. Happy New Year.

  13. oh my! Your home is gorgeous and decorated so pretty! I love all the white! Happy New Year!

  14. Gorgeous gorgeous!! Sharing at the party tonight~ thanks for linking up at Feathered Nest Friday!! :)

  15. What gorgeous shots of your lovely home!! Saw you featured at French Country Cottage.

  16. Oh, my! Your home is, indeed, a Christmas card! Love the arbour. I would love to be able to walk past in the mornings and evenings. It would make me smile, too. :-))) Your sweet curtain next to your wreath caught my eye. Love that!
    What brand camera did you get? Your photos look great! Enjoy.
    Linda at Beautiful Ideas

  17. Visiting from French Country Cottage, and so happy to find you. Your home is gorgeous and all the details you've shared have enticed me to become your latest follower. I look forward to following along in 2013.

  18. I absolutely LOVE your house. I am jealous of the white stuff outside too!

  19. Hello Alaina. I've just now found you at Feathered Nest Friday. Your beautiful wreath with the bow really caught my attention. It was just that simple and I knew I wanted to follow you. Your home is beautiful and I love the fact that folks on their way to work love to look at it. I too turn the lights on in early morning for that same reason. I hope you will stop by my Cottage for a visit. You would be most welcome..Happy New Year..Judy


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