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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

On With the Decorating

Bringing back the Christmas spirit.

The floors are done!

I knew the new floor was going to look great with my slipcovered furniture

I spent most of the weekend painting walls and trim.
Once I had that paint brush in my hand I just wanted to keep going.
If there wasn't a holiday coming up to get ready for, this whole house would have gotten painted.
I had forgotten how easy it is to paint trim when you don't have to tape first.

The final tree is up in the living room.
This tree has so many lights I actually had a Griswold moment, bamm no more lights.
 I blew the fuse in one of the extension cords.
I fixed the fuse, rearranged some of the plugs and now it is just beautiful.
I don't think you could fit another ornament on it.

That makes a grand total of ............
12 trees

I love this big silver bowl filled with a mix of vintage ornaments on the coffee table.
I have not finished decorating but at least now most of the furniture is back in the living room and we can walk into the dinning room.

Thank you for all your kind words. 
It was a rough weekend for Mr. M. and reading them meant a lot. 

I hope everyone is enjoying getting their trees decorated, making cookies and all the fun to be had at this time of the year.
Oh, if you have any extra snow, send it our way........this is Buffalo and we got NO SNOW!


  1. The floor looks amazing and that tree is simply stunning. Wow. So beautiful. Hugs, Marty

  2. The gorgeous floor, the slipcovered chair, the spectacular tree, the fun silver bowl filled with it all!!

  3. Are you not worried about fire? Holy that scared me! It looks beautiful!

  4. Oh, girl I am glad you stopped by and reminded me to visit. The last time I visited you were just putting in the woold floors, I just love them and the sheen of Christmas lights make them that much more divine.

    Thank you for your beautiful visit, sharing your time to comment me.
    I am still pinching myself over Fifi's feature in Romantic Country mag, thank you for sharing my joy with me :)

    Joyeux Noël

  5. I love hardwood floors throughout the house! It adds such warmth and charm! And yours look fabulous! I am totally impressed at your painting ability, too! How I wish I could add that skill to the list of things I do, but I can't. Don't ask my why but I can't! Twelve trees???? I want some of what you have for all that energy!! LOL! Your home looks beautiful and thanks for sharing!!

  6. Oh I love the floor Alaina! I so wish I had them all through the house.
    Your tree is GORGEOUS!!! I'm lucky to get one tree up let alone twelve : )
    I want to wish you and your darling family the Merriest Christmas this year and all the blessings you can hold.
    sending hugs...

  7. Beautiful, Beautiful!
    I am so excited about your new floors, too!

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    I hope you can make it!


    Kathy Shea Mormino

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