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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

A New Look For an Almost Teen

Now that our youngest son's room is almost done.
I have decided to work on his brother's room.

Going on 12 he is almost a TEEN!

He still likes to play cowboy.

I wanted to guide him towards choices that he can grow into.
I don't want to change his room for many years.
I have been told that I may not want to enter his room once he reaches teen years.

I want it to be creative.
I want it to express him.

I gave him a Restoration Hardware catalog so I can have an idea of what he likes.

8 oz. #PPF-29 Traditional Gray Interior/Exterior Paint Sample


8 oz. #6794 Silver Gray Interior/Exterior Paint Sample

Home Depot

Metal shelves.

Home Depot

Taking a desk he already has and transforming it with paint,
 to look something like this.

Restoration Hardware

I am going to let him get creative with one of the walls.
Something like this.

children / teen / Kids Bedroom Graffiti mural - hand painted Josh urban Detail graffiti bedroom design #graffitibedroom #interior design
Both found on Pinterest.

Graffiti bedroom art for sale | Hire a graffiti artist | Graffiti artists for hire | Custom murals | Mural artists | Muralist for hire | Professional graffiti

My sister's boyfriend agreed to help with the creative painting.
I think we will try to incorporate his name and some of his drawings.

A large world map.

National Geographic physical map of the world

Great Big Canvas

On another wall we will have a white board for him to draw on and erase if he wants.

 I have a simple chair to reupholster in black leather.
He expressed a want for a medium sized couch to lounge on and read.
I like a challenge, so I am on the look out for a simple couch I can slipcover.

Extra fabrics I will bring into the room include;

I am on the search for interesting sweaters and shirts that I can turn into pillows.

I am hoping these projects can get me through until Spring actually decides to show up.

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  1. Very cool! I bet he'll love it and be so proud.


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