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Friday, April 29, 2011

Oh My Gaping Hole

Some of you may remember that I have been looking for a chandelier to replace the one I posted about here.

I had been looking for a vintage one in the antique shops, but no luck.
Mr. M. has been looking at the gaping hole and is ready to just put up whatever he has handy.
NO, no, no!

So, I am in a hurry in my quest for a new chandelier.
I would like something vintage with crystals and it can not be too big or it will get hit every time someone opens the front door.

I have been trolling around eBay, but anything that is good is way too expensive.  I spent many hours scouring the Internet for a new chandelier because my local search has me coming up empty handed.
Last week I finally decided on French empire style. The last step was to find the perfect one for a great price..........yeah that may take a little while.

Remember how I said I tend to follow my inner shopper, who tells me to go down certain roads even when I am supposed to be picking Mr. M. up to take him out to lunch and now I will be late.

Yeah, well my inner shopper won and I am Happy dancing tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I just about fell on the floor when I saw it, just sitting in a chair with some of the crystals laying next to it. 
Even though there was no one else in the store, I promptly picked it up and carried it to the front.
So, I asked, does it work?
Yes, and she had some more of the crystals behind the counter. 


As soon as I got home I took all of the crystals off and washed them, there were a heck of a lot.

Then I tried washing as much of the glass on the chandelier, did I mention that it was ALREADY rewired.
As my son would say SWEET!

Look at that crystal. 
I may actually have an actual antique in my home.

I showed Mr. M. as soon as he got home.
There was much eye rolling when I asked if he could hang it.

Well, yeah, oh and I kind of want to take the chandelier from the living room and hang that one in the hall and put the pretty new one in the living room.

Can we, please, pretty please.
More eye rolling and he needed a nap.


I tried to be patient.
Made the kids dinner.
I would like to say that I tried to keep the kids quiet so they wouldn't wake dad up, but that would be LYING!

Oh, you're up, did you have a nice nap?
Are you hungry?
Can we hang the chandelier?


But, then he said, I'm going to need a ladder.

Of course there were some choice words because, man was that chandelier heavy.
Too heavy to go into the living room.  Oh well, one less step to do.


Isn't it just beautiful.
I am so happy that I waited this long.
See, everything happens for a reason!

The best part, it cost less than what I would have had to pay to fix the one that broke. 
Gotta love that!

I am sharing my treasure with Debra from Common Ground for Vintage Inspiration Friday,

Cindy from My Romantic Home for Show and Tell Friday

 and French Country Cottage for Feathered Nest Friday.

Come and join me for lots of inspiration.
Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful weekend.


  1. That is BEAUTIFUL!!!! Good for you. It looks amazing!!!

    I'm on the hunt for one now!

  2. It is so gorgeous!!!! I'm so happy for you! You found the perfect one! I hope to find one that pretty (that I can afford) someday! :)

  3. The chandy is gorgeous!! It looks like a Venetian piece and probably a vintage one. Love it! Your sign is also fabulous.

  4. I am doing the Happy Dance with you! How exciting! It really looks beautiful in your foyer! :-)


  5. Oh sweetie this is just gorgeous! Love it!

  6. What an awesome chandelier!!! I LOVE it!!! What luck you found it!!!!

  7. Beautiful! Well worth the wait--I'd be very happy with that in my home too! Have a great weekend. Patty

  8. Gorgeous! I agree with Patty, some things are worth waiting for. I'll be waiting a while though...I need three crystal chandeliers. :( Guess I'm going to need to go down some roads myself.

    Happy Friday!

  9. What a gorgeous chandelier! Fabulous and exciting find!
    I'm still looking for one.....

  10. Good things come to those who wait! It is perfect!

  11. Ohhhh this is absolutely gorgeous!!! I just love it~ how perfect for your space!! Sharing this on FB~ thanks for sharing at FNF :)

  12. Oh it sure is a beauty. It looks perfect in your entrance. That inner shopper is really working overtime. The same thing happens to me. I get an idea that I want a "Thing" and before I know it the perfect "Thing" shows up in my life as I am lead right to it. Fun, isn't it?

  13. Your inner shopper deserves some congrats! It's gorgeous and I know about husbands, I have to time things just right! LOL!! So glad you linked up to VIF!xoxo Debra

  14. fabulous! I wish there were fun stores around me that sold stuff like that. OH wait...maybe there are, but I just need to discover MY inner shopper! My inner shopper seems to come home with some new bath wash an awful lot though...


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