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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Bad Haircuts

As you can probably guess from the title.  
I got a haircut.

I have always had a hard time with getting my hair cut.
I have natural curly hair.
I hated my hair all through high school.
You know the drill, those with straight hair wanted curly and those with curly wanted straight.
Mine as far as I was concerned was just bad.
I had cowlicks I was told.

I had long hair when I was young until the day my mother had the neighbor, a  hair dresser give me one of those
 Dorthy Hamill haircuts that was in style at the time.
Of course, having curly hair, it did not look like everyone else's.
It wasn't until I was in my twenty's that I found out why.
Humidity, a girl's worst nightmare for curly hair.

The worst haircut I ever got.
I had hair around shoulder length.
I asked for it to be feathered.
You know, that Farrah Fawcett look.

OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!
I kid you not, my hair went from shoulder length to above my ears and as short as a boys.

I was sooooooooo upset.
I cried myself to sleep that night.
Even my best friend couldn't get me to come out of my room.
What could I do?
The person who cut my hair was another neighbor who was a hair dresser, and she was like a mother to me.
I was so mad, upset, devastated, just soooooo!

The only good thing about that haircut, it was so short I didn't have to do ANYTHING to it.
It was like being a boy, I could wash it and go.


It started growing out.
We women all know the horror of a bad haircut growing out.

Do you think I let anyone cut my hair after that.
I learned to cut my own hair for many years.
Even if it was bad, I had only myself to blame.

As I grew older I still hated my hair, but I just let it get long.
Put it in a pony tail.
I learned that I could delay the cutting by coloring my hair, red, brown, red again.
Just those temporary ones that last 24 shampoos.
I also let my bangs grow long, cut them short and grow back again.

It wasn't until I was in my twenty's that I really learned how to take care of my curly hair.
I learned that I had really curly hair.
So curly that I could make it into long ringlets if I just washed my hair and let it air dry.
Of course now I know why it was so bad when I was younger.
I learned to never comb my hair once it was dry or it would frizz like mad.
I learned that a bad hair cut could make my curly hair really stand out and look worse.

I didn't always want curly hair so I learned to straighten it.
I tried several different haircuts.
Only getting lucky every few years, I might actually like it,
or it only took 6 months to become the hairstyle I had actually wanted.
Only once a year, because then the hair would all grow out and I wouldn't hate it by then.
I let my hair get long.
Over the last 9 years, that once a year haircut, I always seemed to get the haircut for that year that I had asked for the year before.

I have even been daring and gotten my hair cut up to my ears.
That one I did kind of like, but it just took so long to grow back.
Hard to handle when it can't be put into a pony tail on those humid days.

I think the longest I let time go with out a haircut was three years.
I was not going to get my haircut and hate it for my wedding so I left it long.

The last three years I had been going to the same salon.
They actually did a good job the first two times, I liked my hair even though I still only got it cut once a year.

And that brings us to today.

I was excited, my daughter and I were going for our yearly haircut.
I booked the same hair dresser.
I knew how I wanted it to look.
I was very descriptive of both what I didn't like about the length now and how I wanted it to look after the haircut.

I even had her cut it TWICE, 
because I could tell it after the first time, it was not going to be the haircut I wanted.
I just let her style it.

Paid and left.

My daughter loved her haircut.

My husband knew.
He knew as soon as I got out of the car and my hair was up.
He knew.
He knew it could turn out to be a bad day.
He knew because when my sister called, she asked how's his day was.
He knew because he said we will find out when she gets home from her haircut.
He knew to hang back and ask quietly.
"Do you like it?"

I let my hair down.

He knows.
He knows to be quiet.
He knows to keep the kids away.


He knows that it may take weeks.
Even though he will say it looks great.
We know it does not matter how much they proclaim to like it.


The only good thing about this haircut.
Yes, even I can find the silver lining.
I already know how to style it!
I have been doing it for the last YEAR!

So tell me, have you EVER had a bad haircut?


  1. I feel like that is MY story! LOL I have the worst curly hair ever! I have sides that don't grow so I end up with a mullet if it goes too long without a cut. I moved to the east coast 12 years ago - humidity is NOT my friend!!!! My husband also gets that "hair" is a sensitive thing around here. too. I try "home hair" all the time. I have two sisters out west that do awesome hair - it's almost worth flying home to just get a decent cut. UGH! I can go on and on. Good luck with your hair - I became a huge baseball-ish hat fan in the 90's and will still sport them today. Fun post!

  2. Oh I am sorry you have had such bad experiences with your haircuts. I hope one day that you will find someone that gives you a wonderful cut that you love. I have curly hair too and tried to blow it straight all the time. Lately I have embraced the curl. After all, women spend money and hours at the salon to get curly right? At least it takes almost no time to style or I just pull it back into a pony tail. Hope you feel better soon.


  3. Oh my god. I'm having an EPIPHANY. A FREAKING EPIPHANY!!!! ALAINA: WE ARE HAIR TWINS. HAIR FREAKING TWINS. Oh my lord. You have described all my curly haired frustrations. This is weird, because I was on the verge of writing a post about my long hate-affair with my hair!!!!! I kid you not. Oh yes, I too learned long ago that if I brush my hair once it's dry, it's game over!!! I brush my hair once a day usually and that's it! Holy crap. We are kindred hair spirits.

  4. YES! In grade...10? I think it was grade 10. I wanted "long layers" and the woman didn't understand. I should have walked out. She gave me a 70's SHAG. I don't recall how long it took to grow that out. Funny too, because it was so stressful.

  5. My worst would be the first time I decided to cut my bangs. I concentrated, with raised eyebrows, and cut it to my eyebrows.
    Then I looked at it, with my eyebrows back in normal position. The bangs were SHORT! WAY too short!
    My mom used to cut my bangs when I was little. She kept cutting them shorter and shorter to try and straighten them out.....

  6. Well... do you have an hour or so for me to answer? I, too, suffer from frizzy, wavy hair. Not pretty in humidity. Or not pretty in humidity with it being all one length. I did have it layered while recently visiting a humid part of the country. Really cute! But come back home and those layers went flat. Not good for a woman of my age. In college, I would rush to the drug store and buy Curl Free to chemically straighten it. It worked. In high school, I would roll it on very large rollers and set the alarm for 2 am so I could take the rollers out. You see, it took a curl.. a straight curl.. but a curl and that was not cool. This last visit to the south..... see? I'm already dipping deep into that hour I could use to tell you my hair woes. I need to stop. YOu get the picture, fellow sister with hair that has a mind of its own! LOL


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