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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

It's All About The Trees

Yes, I may have started decorating for Christmas.
Thanksgiving is being celebrated at my father's house.

I may have a tree 
or two
 or three
 maybe more 
that have started getting the Christmas treement.

The kids
 may have
helped me get all twenty something storage buckets out of the attic.

may have
 picked a new color for the dinning room tree or my master tree.

May smay.

Dang straight I have.

Here is a peak at my trees in progress.

This is the tree in the new master bedroom.
I am trying out different colors and have not yet chosen a final look.

A few pieces on the mantel and two enhanced stockings are hung.
I brought one of my slipcovered chairs up from the basement.

Here is the tree at the end of the day.
I am leaning toward cream and gold.
The blue is there because I am trying turquoise, but I don't think it will stay.

Maybe it will look better in the dinning room.
I have started working on that tree too.

See there's the blue again.
I am still trying.

And the basement tree.

This tree is done in mostly gold and vintage except for the Santas I made and a few I found last year at Kohls.

I did borrow some to use for my bed room tree.

This is the room where the kids retreat to watch cartoons or a movie.
You didn't think I would forget the basement did you?

And you?
Hows your decorations going?
Are you a wait until after Thanksgiving or have you started now?


  1. Wow, so BEATIFUL. Here we don`t start decorating until last day in November, so I have to wait. Your trees are gorgeous, and no, you could not forget the basement.

    Hugs from here

  2. GOOD FOR YOU! I am so ready to bust out my 'one' tree. 20 bins??? Wow! You have the funnest Christmas house ever.

  3. I may be doing the same thing as we speak - ha! Seriously, I have started decorating too. I love your tree near the mantel. Stunning!


  4. I plan to always start xmas decorating the first of November every year. Takes me weeks to drag it all out so I want to enjoy it a while and then get it down before Valentines Day. That's the plan anyway!


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