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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Let Them Eat Cake

I was all set to post my PINK Saturday, and I have lots of PINK, but my computer was hijacked by Mr. M. so he could work on someone else's computer and it took all day to run virus scans, so no PINK, atmos I will just have to post it next week, (that one is for you Blossom).

 I actually did get some cleaning done, so today I do not have to become the crazy party planner, well maybe alittle.  Last night my sister and I decorated my daughter's cake.  It is a treat for the kids to pick out their theme birthday, then my sister and I decorate it for them, trying to give them memories for life. Here is the little miss's cake.


  1. Glad you came by. I enoy Cotton Blossom's blog too. We've had some silly times over there!

    Very cool cake, you're princess will love it.

    I enjoy seein the all white look in others's homes. I just can't do it myself. I need lots of color and pattern! But I am adding more white slowly so who knows where I'll end up. The wash house may be a place to play with that idea.

    That's the fun of blogging though, to live vicariously through others's decor! Now that gold chair in your other post, I would plunk that down in my living room as is! LOL! I enjoyed seeing the before and afters.

  2. I REALLY thought that cake was done professionally! Are you a professional? You sure could be!

    Well my day is made! You did too put out a pink post I've been atmos tickled pink!

    DAWN IS WONDERFUL...I LOVE HER, So glad to see you guys visiting!

  3. Great job on the cake and a happy birthday to your little miss! I have been looking through your older posts and am lovin' your home with all the white! Do you make your slipcovers? Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful Monday!

  4. That cake looks amazing, great job! Definitely some memory- making going on here :o)


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