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Monday, September 13, 2010

Getting In The Mood

The weather is cooling down and the leaves are starting to turn different colors.  My fall decorations are slowly being worked into each room in the house. 
The best part is that HALLOWEEN is just around the corner and that means it is time for a

I found a new blog this week full of fun ideas and a new link party. 
 Being the party girl I thought I would join Wendy from Wendy's Adventures in Wonderland for Spooky Mondays.

After many years of wanting to have a Halloween party, I finally got my wish last year and it was SO worth it.  I would recomend hosting one if you have never done so.  There is a bonus, cob webs in the corners are acceptable, no dusting necessary.  Here are a few pictures from last years' HALLOWEEN.

Afraid of spiders?

Eyeballs anyone?

Story time.

Dinner by candlelight?

I have already been thinking of how I will deliver my invitations this year.  Last year we served up GHOSTLY severed fingers in a box.  Actually it was really funny, no one would open their doors to us because my sister and I hand delivered all the invitations IN COSTUME.  No one new who we were and it was broad daylight, the middle of October, would YOU open the door to the headless horseman?

If you are looking for ideas or just like Halloween then you don't want to miss visiting all of the blogs signed up for this party.  I stopped by a few from the past two weeks and I just can't wait to get to the craft store.



  1. I'm terrified of spiders!!!
    but I love it anyway!!
    Thanks for the heads up on the linky..Can't wait to check it out!

  2. I love it. thanks for sharing your spookness with us... I will back by said the ghostly voice.

  3. The idea of you delivering your invites dressed up made me giggle.

    It must have been a riot.
    Your decor, and enthusiasim must thrill your kids. How can they sleep at night waiting for the day when they can run wild begging for candy? It was hard enough as a kid, waiting, with no decorations to remind me....
    Just pure fun, Alaina.

  4. Alaina? Do you really have all this stuff out already? It is the middle of September!

  5. Any time I don't have to dust sounds great to me. Love all your spooky decor! Would have loved to see photos of you two dressed up.
    Have a great week, Alaina,

  6. Oh, I will enjoy surfing around and seeing all the Halloween party themes! I've just been sitting here thinking about fall decor.

  7. oooo! Alaina, I LOVE hallowe'en! No, I LURV IT. How fun. Did you wear costumes as well?

    I especially loved the "Edar Allen Poe-esque" decoration.

  8. love your decor! can't wait to see what you come up with this year. love the story about delivering the invitations - no way would i have answered the door!!

  9. Your party decorations looked like lots of fun to create. Love all the spiders and the skeleton with the candlelabra is so funny and of course, spookie.


  10. You are one fun girl Alaina!! I noticed though in the States when i lived back home how big Halloween is there.
    Great stuff!!!
    Pamela xo

  11. Hi Alaina! Love your Halloween decorations.. : )
    Hope all is well in your part of the world!
    Health and happiness,

  12. Not sure why, but Halloween decor just isn't my cup of tea.
    I love everything else that you do though, my friend!
    Hugs, Cindy

  13. I sent you a message via email, and I know you are not at my sight so where are you?

  14. How FUN!! I LOVE all of your Halloween decorations! I usually start holiday decorating on Oct. 1 and start with the Halloween decorations. Even if we don't have a party, I still like to add a bit of the Halloween spirit to my house. The kids love it!
    Thanks for sharing your fabulous Halloween decor with us, Alain!
    Have a great week,
    ~ Jo :)

  15. Oops! Sorry, I meant Alaina... trying to type too fast. :)

  16. Love all your halloween displays -very creative!


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