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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Vintage Inspiration Friday

Happy Friday.

Join me for some inspiration as I join Debra from Common Ground for Vintage Inspiration Friday.

I bought a new Halloween magazine last week to get some new holiday decorating ideas and I came across this page.  If you like Halloween or love to look at inspiring display work, then you have to see Debbie Dusenbury's blog Curious Sofa  or check out her pictures in the magazine here .

You see I have a vintage baby buggy in my garage that had been waiting, waiting for me to decide the best way to display it in my home.  Oh and that tree with the crows, it is taking everything in me to hold back and not do that on one of my walls, because if you know me well.

You know I would PAINT it on the wall. 
That would NOT make Mr. M. happy, and we must keep him happy!

So, I will just have to work with the buggy idea for now.

  I originally bought this buggy to use in my gardens as my mother had once done,
but I changed my mind, I did not want it to get ruined, I like it too much.

I love the white chippiness of it.

Look at this wheel, just perfect.

I am using my wicker buggy as a display on my back deck.
Of course I added a few white pumpkins, an old door, and a few odd things I found around the house, and of course some black for fall.

Once we are closer to Halloween I will replace the flowers with a skeleton or two.

A simple wreath I made for fall last year.
How do you like the door the wreath is hanging from, it was originally intended to use as a shop display, but now I think I may have a mirror put in and prop it up against a wall in my bed room. 

Not a handle for the door, it is a door knocker. 
Details, it is all in the details.

Inspiration can be found anywhere, from anything, a color, a shape, a sound, a touch.
Me, I have found many inspirations in the beautiful pages of several different magazines.
Much to Mr. M.'s chagrin I still have most of them, in the basement.

I hate to admit it but that is only half of them.  They do not just take up room, I do periodically go through and read them, when I am in need of inspiration.

How about you? 
Are you like my friend Blossom from Wit Behind The Ears, who saves all her favorite pictures to her computer or do you have an idea book filled to the brim with pictures or some other way to keep you inspired?

Be sure to stop over an visit my good friend Debra from Common Ground for Vintage Inspiration Friday, it is a party that you don't want to miss and don't forget Cindy from My Romantic Home for Show and Tell Friday.

 What a wonderful way to start a weekend.


  1. Love all the white with your darling carriage.
    I am such a magazine junkie too. I keep a style file, the old issues AND photos on the computer. I guess that makes me just a little O/C!

  2. I'm a big fan of white pumpkins, as is. But placed in the old buggy, they are really awesome. Thanks for sharing such wonderful photos.

    Take care, Sue

  3. I just got a pram on the weekend! I will have to post tomorrow too. Now is too late...I love yours. I have never seen one with a foot rest.

  4. What a delightful upscale fall vingnette on your porch. I adore the use of the baby buggy and the white pumpkins. So very creative!!!!
    You have the most beautiful blog. Full of inspirations!
    I have been delighted by my stop this evening!

  5. Your little buggy is adorable, perfect place to highlight beautiful plants and holiday items!!! Debbie @ Cottage Hann~Me~Downs

  6. I must admit that I love your display much better than the one in the mag!!

  7. I must admit that I love your display much better than the one in the mag!!

  8. What a sweet vintage carriage, and it looks so wonderful up on your porch!

  9. That is an INCREDIBLY beautiful vignette~! I love the curious sofa so I bet that magazine is AWESOME! Hey, I'm having a CSN GIVE AWAY, so stop on by!

  10. Woww,...this look amazing !!!.happy wekend Ria....

  11. Hi I love this idea. I always see old baby buggies, but never know what to do with them. This is a great idea for fall. Have a good weekend.
    The Swedish Room

  12. OOh what a welkom!! So nice!!!
    Wow its amazing!!
    love the childerens wagon!!
    happy weekend

  13. Oh I love your display!!! So happy I stopped by!!

  14. What a fantastic makeover. You did a wonderful job!

    Stop by and collect your clues. The largest giveaway in Decor To Adore history will be revealed next Friday.

  15. That really looks cute! Love the old door too. Happy Fall!

  16. That carriage idea is so unusual, and I do love seeing the unusual. If it were me, I'd be tempted to keep it for every season and just change the decor in it.

  17. I am loving the white pumpkins! I have been searching high and low for crows- they allude me! :-(

    I am going to try one more dollar store. If they don't have them, I am going to steal my neighbors.


    Maybe. ;-p

  18. Hola querida, so much inspiration I found here at your blog, there`s a long time I haven´t bought magazines... your fall decor is the loveliest I have seen so far!!!
    Love coming to visit you.
    maria cecilia

  19. What a great fall display. Totally unexpected and very cute.

  20. What a beautiful piece! Chippy and pretty.

  21. Alaina I adore that buggy and your Fall decor. Just awesome.
    I am a total magazine junkie. I have several that I have saved. Hundreds of them, I'm afraid. Yep, I know all about how the hubs feels about them. My husband and children joke around that the first thing they will do after I am gone is GET RID OF THE MAGAZINES!!! I hope they put them in the hole with me!

  22. WOAH, BABY! That's quite a collection of glossies you have there!

    Love the baby carriage, and the mirror door is a GREAT idea!

    I want to get a white mum to put in my birdbath!

    I'll have to add this post link to today's post!

  23. K, you're linked to!
    Oh and I used a couple pics, let me know if that needs to be changed.

  24. Wow Alaina, what perfect inspiration!!! LOVE, LOVE that buggy with all the pumpkins and mums in that gorgeous urn! Girl, you really get ME inspired. Thank you sooo much for joining in,

  25. Alaina
    I know I am a bad bunny.
    What kind of paint are you usuing on your floor?

    You are incredibly ambitious. How is work fitting in with your life? Hoping it is all going well.

  26. I love, love your buggy!! It looks great as it is now, would be fun to see it when you decorate it with the skeleton.
    I also have shelves overflowing with magazines, too.
    I absolutely love to be inspired by visiting blogs.
    Thanks for sharing your buggy.

  27. You've created a really cool vignette with the baby carriage and the door. Love the all white, classic vintage look. :-)
    ~ Sue


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