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Friday, September 17, 2010

Vintage Inspirations In Black and White

I did not think I would be able to come up with a post to join Debra from Common Ground's
 So, I decided to work on a new display for my table to get ready for tomorrows Fall Cloche Party with Marty from A Stroll Through Life and Show and Tell Friday with Cindy from My Romantic Home. 
Then as I started working at it, I new my post would be perfect for all of them.

I have been in a mood for Halloween, black and white became my inspiration as I was walking through my house pulling different pieces from my home to work into the display. 

  I was lucky enough to inherit my mother's vintage cameras and I have added a few to the collection over the years.  I also have been adding black hats to my collection of hats that I got from my mother. 
 I love how black and white look together.  
 It just kind of fell together. 
You see, I try to only have things in my house that I love and it makes it easier to display them. 

I have always liked this picture.  It speaks to me.

A Halloween picture from Better Homes and Garden.
It inspires me!

I think by the time Halloween gets here I may have to write on my white pumpkin,
BOO perhaps!

This top hat is one of my favorite flea market finds.  It is collapsible too!

This a mix of my style, silver, buttons, black, white, candles and chippy. 

A simple cloche, but it tells so much. 

 That is my mom's camera that came from my grandmother. 
 The sheet music is some is my mom's too.

The picture, is my MOM when she was a young girl.

So is this. 

Someday I will show you a picture of when she looked just like Shirley Temple. 
I have the curls too!

On of the my own candles and a vintage ceiling fixture, now candle holder.

Happy Friday, I hope you enjoyed and maybe were inspired.


  1. I am so inspired right now that I am ready to go find an old top hat and a white pumpkin! Of course, I could never repeat your one of a kind lovely vingette. It is so full of memories of those you love.

    The photos of your Mom are just adorable and the camera under the cloche tells a beautiful story.


  2. I am SOOO inspired. I don't know what I love more, the top hat (I've always wanted one. The closest I have is a tiny top hat lamp shade, lol,)the cameras, the candle, the antique door knob... Wow! Everything looks soo nice.

  3. Oh how pretty. You are so creative. I love the top hat, what a great decorating thing to have. Your cloche speaks loud and clear, that's what I love about them. Great photo and camera. Your vignettes are lovely. Thanks so much for linking to the party. Hugs, Marty

  4. Alaina,

    The cloche vignette is stunning. Do you know where to find inexpensive cloches?

    Your Friend,

  5. What a great table and that pumpkin in the silver bucket is awesome. I love everything on that table.

  6. Very nice...the photos of your mom are wonderful!!

  7. Seeing your pretty display makes me want to go decorate! I LOVE the photos of your mom........they are beautiful!
    Have a wonderful weekend!
    Health and happiness,

  8. This is just gorgeous, love everything about it!

  9. Love it! I try only to buy black and white items for my house too! I need to pick up a white pumpkin!


  10. Alaina, I'm jumping up and down and squealing with delight!!! This is an awesome post full of fun and inspiration. the hat and cameras are just so wonderful, great job. It looks like a magazine shoot!! Love a black and white color scheme. Thanks so much for linking in today, you totally got what I'm going for!!
    love ya, Girl!

  11. This is great!! I have wanted an old top hat for some time now but alas usually the ones I find are display only at antique stores. One day I will find one. And I just bought some faux white pumpkins today. All you decorators are getting me inspired for Fall decorating around my Castle!
    Yours is lovely!

  12. This is good...I mean really, really, "Country Living" good! I love every detail (and the backdrop of your beautiful home don't hurt!). You've got some great photography skills.
    This is so clever, I'll just have to hunt me down a top hat. My home is B&W also and I just have to steal, I mean borrow this one!

  13. Really pretty, what a special vignette-enjoy!

  14. Love the black & whites!! I am on the hunt for old cameras now!

  15. Personalizing makes a home so memorable! I admire your cloche with the photos of your Mom!Sunflowers, being my favorite flower, are luscious in white. . .M-m-m-m-! Thank you for sharing your cloche in Black and White, very nice!

  16. Love all your little vignettes especially the vintage camera under the cloche ♥

  17. The entire table is pure eye candy! I love the top hat on the white pumpkin and all your cloche is ultra special- the camera was the coup, You used lovely details everywhere. This is truly one of my favorite vignettes. You should link it next week to Artie's Vignette Party. The link is on my blog. :-)
    ~ Sue

  18. I love your display! The camera looks so cool under the cloche with the picture of your mom. It all ties in so nicely, great job!


  19. Alaina, I love this beautiful vignette! This black and white combo really speaks to me. I'm not much of an orange fan, so I really like the white pumpkins best. The cloche featuring your mother's camera is awesome! She was such a doll.

  20. Alaina, I love it all! Especially the gorgeous photos of your Mum as a little girl...perfect black & white! Hope you are enjoying a wonderful weekend so far ~ Tina xx

  21. You always have great ideas. Love the candle! I just now read somewhere online that black and white gingham is going to be big. That's good with Halloween!

  22. Wonderful inspiration...thank you so much! I really needed it!!!
    Happy new follower!

  23. I love the pumpkin with the black top hat. Great idea to display your vintage camera with a vintage photo.

  24. I love your black and white table. Today while at the thrift store I found a black hat. Not a top hat, more like a fedora. It is now sitting on my white ceramic pumpkin! It looks fantastic and only cost $1.50! Happy Fall! Lisa

  25. Awesome cloche idea! I was inspired earlier today by The Pottery Barn's use of cloches and now I am by yours! Love the tablescape!

  26. Dear Alaina, I would never have some black stuff to decorate my home but looking at your so lovely and delicate and charming display I really have to consider what I like...
    maria cecilia

  27. Thanks for your cloche visit -- I love your white pumpkin with a hat and the wonderful picture of your mom. You've got a wonderful collection of treasures.


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