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Friday, December 14, 2012

Christmas in the Dinning Room

Dinner by Christmas tree light.

Now that the living room furniture is out of the dinning room we can get back to our nightly dinners in the dinning room.  I have found a solution for the messy kitchen table filled with homework yet to be done.

You see, each night we would have the battle of having the kids clear the kitchen table so we could eat dinner.  Then after dinner they would have to get all the homework out again to finish.
Homework takes a couple of hours in this house.
I can't send them to their rooms to work at their desks, because I am no fool, the work would not get done!

I do split them up to do their reading, one in the study, one in the living room and one in the basement.
The majority of the homework needs help by mom or dad.

While dinner is being made we read off spelling words or explain a math or grammar problem.
By eating in the dinning room the kids do not have to clean up the kitchen table until the work is done.
This makes life much easier and I am all for the EASIER in life!

The kids really like eating in the dinning room, it makes them feel more special.
I must admit, it makes it so I have to keep the room clutter free.

This weekend I hope to have all the decorating done so we can concentrate on Christmas cookies.
I hope of you are enjoying the Holiday season.

Oh, and Santa, if you are reading this, 
I could really use that Canon Powershot SX-500, it would help with my blurry pictures.
  Just saying it is on my Christmas wish list.


  1. I do love your mercury glass! Someday I'll get me some!
    Your dining room looks beautiful.

  2. À dinning room to lové ...
    I ador the cozy warm feeling with old fashion charm, would love to be sitting at your farmhouse table enjoying Christmas cookies freshly backed from your oven taking in the beauty of your lite tree, beautiful job my friend.
    Joyeux Noël

  3. So beautiful! I love the white lights on the tree. What a wonderful way to celebrate Christmas dinner.



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