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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Dream Closet

As we get closer to working on the master bedroom, I begin to dream again.

What kind of closet storage would I like?
What are my needs?
What would Mr. M. need?

We were able to design our new master bedroom with his and her closets.
We have them currently and it has done wonders for our marriage.
You would think I am the neat and tidy one.
Mr. M. is, but, in my defense, I am the one who has to hide all the gifts for holidays and birthdays.

A major addition I would like to put in Mr. M.'s closet is a murphy bed.
Oh, I am not kidding!
You see I snore, and snore, and snore.
Seeing as I have no room for it in my closet....too many clothes.  
It makes more sense to put in his.
Don't feel sorry for him, it is heated.

I found a great closet design on line Easy Closets.
So simple to put in your own dimensions and start dreaming.

I went on their site and designed my closet in all white.
One whole wall is just for hanging shirts and pants.
The opposite side is for more shirts and dresses.
The back wall is for shoes and drawers.

Here are some examples I found on line.

Of course my closet would be white and his would be wood.

No more wrinkled shirts.
All shoes would have a spot.
Hooks for purses.
Drawers for socks and such.
Even some drawers for jewelry.

Ah, a girl can dream can't she?

Speaking of dreaming.
Have you seen this closet?

white built-in master closet

Amazing isn't it!

This closet was designed and built by Sandra from Sawdust and Paper Scraps make sure to stop over.

I would love to have her design build, who am I kidding.

If you have not visited Sandra before, you should, she can build just about anything.
AND, she has been helping other women build too.

I'm off to paint my floor.
Nope, not done yet.

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